How To Use Patch Notes

Include everything. Mention when you change them.

For example, say that you were to nerf stealth in your game. It would not be a good thing to leave that out of the patch notes. If you did leave it out, you should definitely add it in. Also, when you add it, make a note at the top, maybe with a big UPDATE line, rather than listing it in the middle of other changes. The same goes for everything else you missed the first time through.

As a parting note, it might be worth including an explanation of significant changes to powers, especially when you have promised to do so. A simple “We thought stealth was too useful PvE even after the last couple rounds of nerfs” might be nice.

: Zubon

10 thoughts on “How To Use Patch Notes”

  1. What more nerfs for CoH/CoV? Is anyone even suprised anymore when Jack nerfs the shit out of them every patch?

  2. Just a couple this time. This is more a comment on the note development process than any nerfs.

  3. Stupidly enough, MM’s are getting a buff (Bodyguard Minion Mode). I thought it was bad enough that I can work at Relentless/Invincible without dying short of running into a Blaster/Scrapper Elite Boss without a Shivan Shard. I hate to say it, but MM-variant Dark Miasma needs a nerf.

  4. Hey! Dark Miasma is going to get nerfed by this!

    Yeah, it’ll suppress just the same as any other stealth variant when the MM goes to click a toggle.



  5. I like to think of it as beta-testing the patch notes.

    Also, my fire/energy melee tank has _totally_ eaten spiked nerfbat since release. The game is completely impossible to play now that I actually have protection against stuns, holds, and sleeps, can resist toxic damage, don’t constantly nullify my own status protection, can actually use Rise of the Phoenix as something more than a double-debt power thanks to attack immunity and stun on the flameblast, and can actually stun enemies with Energy Transfer and Barrage. Oh, and the 25% greater damage output? Sheer, unmitigated nerfbat.

    I can barely struggle through main-tanking endgame 8-man taskforces!


  6. Dark Miasma, like Radiation Emission, Storm Summoning or Kinetics (heck, with the i7 changes, possibly even Trick Arrow and Force Fields) are too strong in any non-Defender’s hands. Buff-debuff sets or archetypes typically have this problem – you can see is just as strongly when play Guild Wars and find a good Mo/Wa or Ra/Me.

    Admittedly, soloing on Invincible isn’t a sign that you’re doing overwhelmingly well. Scrappers, Tankers, Brutes, Controllers, and even many Blasters can do that. We’re ‘supposed’ to be balanced around +3s after we get full SOs, although some archetypes really do underperform that consideration.

  7. Yes, but it’s a function of *speed*. My first CoX character was an electric/energy blaster, and invincible was still *slow* with SO’s. Dark Miasma MM’s (I’m assuming the cheap PBAoE heals are the culprit. a lot of players have said the ninjas are useless) can go fight to fight to fight without stopping to regen because they don’t spend endurance to deal damage. With a 50% heal to all minions every 6 seconds, only scrappers, blasters, and EB/AV AoE’s have any realistic chance of taking them down..

  8. More likely, a combination of -tohit debuff / -damage / Terrorize. Dark Miasma is quite the powerful defensive set, particularly in an environment where mezzes can be targetted to allies. No doubt it’s even more powerful when you’ve got a decent amount of defense on your allies as well.

    Small heals don’t tend to matter much in CoX. Enemies do far too much damage.

  9. Well, not to be one to point out the obvious here,,, but this is cryptic we’re talking about. I never could figure out if that was the company name, or the discription of their thought process.

    May they all die in a fire.

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