Happy Birthday EVE

EVE[EVE Online] Three years and still going strong, in fact getting stronger. Happy Birthday to EVE Online.

My first character has left Ars Caelestis and joined Ashpool Industries. I found a better fit for him as he is heavy into the production side of things. He can know be found supervising multiple factories and collecting fat paychecks.

My second character (who is now my main character) is training up only combat-related skills and has joined Ars Caelestis to replace my first character. He has a lot to learn and is hoping to get some combat action soon. Sadly, he missed out on the BoB assault, but he should be ready for the next round of whatever-may-come.

P.S. Check out the “No Other Destiny” video here. Sweet.

– Ethic


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4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday EVE”

  1. That vid totally rocks… So the Titans are sweet, because Ive never seen one In-Game yet… Plus that doomsDay wepon is AWESOME!…I wouldnt even mind being killed by it, because its so pretty! :P

  2. If you want some combat training, I recommend PvP University (agony-unleashed.com). I took the basic class, learned a lot, popped by 0.0 cherry, got on some kill mails and had a blast. Most fun I’ve had in Eve.

    Also, check out the E3 screen shots of the new Eve engine. Hot!

  3. Bah Ill do some frigy dueling witcha for free Ethic.

    I had thought EvEs B-Day was in August but this is cooler as it is also alaph’s B-Day WOOT

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