It’s Official: Draenei is the New Alliance Race!

wow[World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade] Well it appears the rumors were true… kind of. The new Alliance race will be the Draenei. They will be the biggest characters on the Alliance side which should go to addressing the size imbalance between Alliance and Horde. They are, however, not the “ugly” race some speculated would be added to the Alliance to give them an edgier look and attract a different type of gamer to Alliance similar to how many feel the Blood Elves are a “pretty” race for the Horde. The Draenei character models unveiled so far look nothing like the long-faced pudgy-Orc looking guys currently in the game (those guys, according to the backstory, are mutated sub-species). Personally I think they look pretty darn cool. They look to be larger than human, but not quite the size of Taurens. This will probably trigger more complaints from the “Blizzard favors Alliance” crowd as the new Alliance race will be a cool looking new addition to the Warcraft universe while the Blood Elves are palette swapped Night Elves. But we all know by now the same guys complaining will be first in line to buy the expansion anyways.

Check out the Draenei here.

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