Shiny Happy Week

Since we so often focus on negativity and the latest outrage, I want to spend a little time saying nice things. In this case, I will make a new post every day this week pointing out things I like or liked about various games. There will be no attempt to balance this with negative points, although I may classify some things as qualified successes or good ideas that did not fully pan out.

My apologies if I refer to something good that no longer exists or to something current in the past tense. I do not currently play most of the MMOs that I have played, so I am not always aware of their current states. I may accidentally give credit to a game for something it adapted or completely stole from another one; in that case, good call on stealing that idea. Good ideas can be repeated instead of re-creating the wheel every time.

Comments will be moderated. You need not like the games or even the aspects I point to, but there are plenty of other opportunities to attack them elsewhere. Please feel free to say other good aspects of the game that I left out. What was your favorite part of game X? It is fair game to say that some aspect of the game could be improved with such a change, or that another game did the same thing only better, or that you prefer the way game Y does PvP or the crafting in game Z. We are making Shiny Happy positive comments here, and as long as you are loosely on-topic, we still value your happy thoughts.

I have not played everything, but I have played at least seven games, so let us see what Shiny Happy Week brings us. I invite our other contributors to tell us what various games did or do right.

: Zubon

Day One: Asheron’s Call
Day Two: Dark Age of Camelot
Day Three: A Tale in the Desert
Day Four: EVE Online
Day Five: Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates
Day Six: City of Heroes
Day Seven: City of Villains