Shocking Tidbits About Project Entropia

1. It exists. If I hadn’t been a diligent Van Hemlock reader, I might never have realized how much fun was there.

2. The developers need to work on this IRL PvP thing they are trying out. No worries, though, it always takes practice before you can become effective. The important thing is to keep trying!

3. They are getting better at generating free press, although they are about as likely to get a free link as Horizons.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Shocking Tidbits About Project Entropia”

  1. I never did get around to that ‘proper review’ in the end – I think I had a bit of a RL nervous breakdown shortly after that…can’t remember, although if I did, it’s entirely possible PE was in some part responsible.

    Anyway, thinking back, the real problem with it was not so much the hype or spin or RMT kerfuffle, but that the *game* itself was really bad. The closest comparison I can think of is of early Anarchy Online, circa 2002, but with less charm, imagination, or innovation – the difference being that AO is free (with their one-year free basic account thing), and PE charges you by the attack.

    To be honest, I’m not sure the experience would improve greatly if you went in there with $50 to blow either.

  2. Incidentally, looking at my blog stats, it turns out that something like 40% of all google referrals go to that post – people looking for help on their ridiculous Sweat Gathering mechanic.

    Considering I’ve only ever posted about the game twice (the two you linked to), and a long time ago, it speaks volumes, that Google considers *me* any kind of ‘go-to guy’ for PE tips. Clearly they don’t have much of an online community of their own to refer to. Hopefully you’ll get all those folks here now instead :)

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