Enter Fat

Hey all. I’m Fat. Yes, blink, rub your eyes, shake your head, do whatever you need to do to ensure that you did, indeed, read that name right.

I’m nothing more than your average MMO player. I’ve been enjoying various MMOs for the last three years. My start came from Anarchy Online when a friend introduced me to it three years ago. I instantly fell in love with the game. Even though it has its problems – much akin to any MMO out there – I have been unable to escape its grasp for no longer than a handful of months at a time. No matter how much I try to rid myself of it, I always end up going back there.

In my little breaks from AO, I’ve played EQLive, Eve Online, City of Heroes, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars… and a couple others I can’t recall at the moment. I’ve been a bit around the block, but currently I’m an avid AO/EQ2 player when my work schedule allows it.

As far as KTR goes, I’ve been reading this ‘blog for about a year or so now, and have enjoyed the contributions Ethic and his staff have made for this page. So when I saw the chance to join the website, I figured why not. Someone has to represent AO after all. It does still exist!

I’m nothing more than a college student majoring in Creative Writing who thoroughly enjoys playing video games of all kinds. Due to living in a small town that only has Dial-up internet connection, it is hard to play EQ2 with my main – a level 53 SK who is MT for my small guild – so a lot of my writing will probably focus on AO. But we’ll see, maybe this will kick me into EQ2 a bit more – I know my guild leader would love it if I were able to play it more.

Since I’m a Creative Writing major, I also might geek myself up a bit here and there and do some fantasy, in-game writing like Ethic did with Eve Online. It’s interesting and fun to do, so I figured why not try and contribute something that might be more entertaining than my usual rants and raves.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading my posts, and I look forward to being a part of the KTR community. So my thanks to Ethic, the KTR staff, and the readers for being here and welcoming me into the fold.

– Fat

11 thoughts on “Enter Fat”

  1. Hehe, AO is usually my ‘go-to’ game when I am between games. Love it, but too many others out there to play it full time like I used to.

    welcome aboard!

  2. Welcome! I’m looking forward to your posts.

    < Gen 12 ARK, Senior Tertius (long since retired heh) Mwa ha ha.

  3. Welcome to the crew, Fat. I too have been an avid fan of AO – when time permits, and the hankering for an MMO comes along, I have one of three choices:

    1.) play any one of the betas that I’ve been accepted into for a week or so, get my fill and walk away in disappointment.

    2.) Contemplate signing on for another Eve freebie account, realizing it is fun and good, but I’m too busy/dumb to REALLY get involved with the economics and training grind, letting the account lapse.

    3.) Realizing that AnarchyOnline has everything that I’m looking for, but then remembering that it sucked up way too much of my time and money when I was last on – hmm…..is it TOO good for me?

    I can’t wait to hear how things have progressed over the past few years in the world of Rubbi-ka!

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