.1% of Everyone

In case you had not heard, World of Warcraft has 6.6 million subscribers. That works out to about $99,000,000/month in revenue. Here is a picture of how that makes other, hugely successful games look like a bunch of chumps.

Think about that for a moment. 0.1% of the planet plays World of Warcraft. The entire population of the planet Earth, including Tibetan monks, tribesmen on the plains, researchers in Antarctica, and the Amish: 1 in 1000 people plays World of Warcraft.

: Zubon

6 thoughts on “.1% of Everyone”

  1. I’m really not sure about Amish. I’m almost sure that electricity is against their religion or something :P

    Hey, was Guild Wars not included on the chart because it has no monthly fee? I could see how that would make counting active players a tad difficult.

  2. from their FAQ
    1. Why isn’t listed?

    There are four main reasons why a particular game isn’t listed in the charts:

    a) The game in question isn’t really a MMOG, at least by my reckoning. Games like Diablo II and Phantasy Star Online fall into this category. Guild Wars developers say in their own FAQ that they do not consider their game a MMOG; in addition, it doesn’t charge a monthly fee (see below). Please don’t email me trying to insist otherwise; I’m not likely to be convinced.

    That’s his mind made up then I guess!!

  3. Given the amount of subscribers in china and SE asia paying nowhere near the $15 (I heard figures that they make up at least half of all subscribers), plus other discrepencies in subscription cost, I doubt the actual figure is anywhere near $99,000,000 a month. It’ll still be impressive, but a lot lower.

  4. That’s the kind of sales graph you want to show the boss come annual review time.

  5. 1) Free Accounts for all the dev’s / mgr’s, clients, etc…
    2) How many accounts are ‘active’?
    3) how many people Pwn multiple accounts
    4) It’s still amazing.

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