A Little Perspective

If you can read this, you are one of the most fortunate people ever to have existed. You have access to a global communications network so plentiful, cheap, and powerful that you are using it to read commentary about video games. You have all the necessities of life available at a price, quality, and quantity nigh-inconceivable when your grandparents were born, even if your mother and grandmother were both teen mothers. You have the luxury of caring what color your imaginary priest’s robes are.

This is in no way to dismiss your problems in life. Some of you presumably have quite serious difficulties, and every form of suffering really is suffering, no matter how trivial it may seem to anyone else. But there is no point in creating new suffering for yourself when something happens in or to your game that you do not like. You really really care about how the raid is going or whether your class gets nerfed, but at the end of the night you log off and go to bed without wondering whether you will eat tomorrow. A knock on the door at night means pizza, not the secret police, so enjoy the pizza even if it is late.

The game is here to make you happy. The worst case scenario is that you will need a new game to make you happy. So be happy.

: Zubon

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  1. The Zen of First Couple of Worlds Gamer?

    Actually ’tis good, thank you :)
    And short enough to repeat as mantra or ‘Grace’ :))

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