Vacation Cut Short, Film at 11

wow[World of Warcraft] I caught wind of Kwip and the gang over at NeenerNeener.Net rerolling on a PVP server in WoW and I thought I’d give it a shot too. I came home from work and logged in only to find my account had expired today. So I reactivated (gasp!).

I managed to grab my name (Ethic) and rolled up an undead priest. Since Kwip was trying a tauren, I ran my ghostly form (dead undead?) over to the tauren beginner area and paid my dues to the spirit resurrection thing-a-ma-creature. I soon joined up with the gang and we created a guild. A party of 4 was formed and off we went.

I found out that it is still possible to have fun in WoW. Color me shocked. I had a good time, and even hooked up with them over Teamspeak (even though I need to tweak my settings some so I left my microphone off). Seem like a great bunch of folks and I hope I can hook up with them on a regular basis.

Interestingly enough, I like playing a priest in a group. At first I was doing some damage and fighting alongside the others, but a few times we had a group of creatures to fight so I started stepping back and just focused on keeping everyone safe. It was really enjoyable. I can safely say that in my first tour of duty to keep Kwip alive, I was successful. Not on my watch, man. One bad part about starting over in the land of run-run-run is that the only priest trainer nearby was in Thunderbluff so I had to detour a few times to train skills.

If I keep having fun, I will bring more tales from the world of PVP WoW.

– Ethic

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3 thoughts on “Vacation Cut Short, Film at 11”

  1. I played healers in CoH and absolutley loved it. Its fun to be involved, I had quite WoW because I was soloing the game inspite of being in a guild.

    ah well, hope you have fun

  2. If you ever hit 60 and stick to playing WoW I may transfer my shaman over to play with ya :) Azgalor is dead to me since no one I know is left there. We’ll have to see.

  3. > Not on my watch, man.

    According to Kwip’s stories of MMO life and [many] deaths, you’ve chosen a most noble goal ;).

    Good luck

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