Celebrate Small Victories

Celebrate Small Victories

Let us try a simple variation on gaming gratitude journals: gaming gratitude moments. Barring outrageous fortune, something will go well tonight. Narrow this down to its smallest unit and celebrate as many of those as you can stomach.

A pull went perfectly — yay! Someone did a drive-by buffing of your newb — woo! You got out of xp debt — score! You cleared an entire level of the map — we win again! Every time something goes well, cheer: aloud, on Teamspeak, in /team, wherever you can do so without irritating others. Don’t be that annoying guy who lists every single drop he gets, but take pleasure in all the little things that go right.

We often dwell on one bad thing, and it spoils the night. Why not try to swamp it with dozens of small victories?

: Zubon

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  1. i wouldn’t call it an accusation. just having fun with your motivational posts. and i suppose i do wonder if tony robbins plays mmorpgs.

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