Auto Assault Servers Merge

[Auto Assault] It appears that Auto Assault is already planning a server merger. How serious is this? Well, how does combining all servers into ONE server sound to you? It sounds bad to me.

For some time now our player base has been clamoring to merge all of the servers and offer one, unified Auto Assault® experience. And now you’re going to have it: on July 13, we’ll be merging all of the AA servers (US and Europe) into the new combined server, Nexus.

It isn’t looking good for AA.

Hat tip to VirginWorlds on this one.

– Ethic

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8 thoughts on “Auto Assault Servers Merge”

  1. Sweet mother of pearl, how long has Auto Assault been out? That’s no good…

  2. i love public relations/marketing people. they make me laugh. the player base has been clamouring for it! i bet they have, having no one else to play with and all.

    i believe this came out in april? march maybe.

  3. My wife was really looking forward to that game…then she played the beta. Its their own fault for releasing a game where the main focus was driving and you could barely steer the vehicle in a straight line. If it had mouselook capabilites we never figured out how to turn them on so you had to turn with the keyboard keys. Unacceptable.

  4. I suppose it depends… are they merging because of low populations? or are they merging because the server tech and game design allow for a single game world?

  5. I think this quote: “The merge would increase the server population greatly and offer the players a much more satisfying and diverse gameplay experience.” is your answer, Jason. If they made some tech change they would brag about it to the ends of the earth. This whole thing has spin written all over it.

  6. The game is in its death throws. Very soon we’ll likely see the service shut off.

  7. Damned shame, but I’m inclined to agree. I was an early adopter with Auto Assault, and enjoyed it all the way to the cap. Sadly, I suppose I’m the only one, as during my entire month or so on the game I grouped a total of -twice-.

    Not really sure what made this one fail, honestly, though I’m putting my money on a lack of decent advertising. The game had bugs, but as an MMO it’s to be expected; the primary issue I had with it was that it was nearly impossible to find anyone to play with at any given time. I can imagine people would log on, find the game abandoned, and leave; thus, it was basically doomed because nobody would stick around.

  8. IMO, AA died because it wasn’t Max Mad-like. Everyone who I’ve spoken to about this game all have said, “I thought it was going to be like Mad Max.”

    NetDevil missed the boat big time. They failed to include open PvP and failed to make it similar to Mad Max. A license would have been awesome (and cheap!). Nobody wants to blow up the environment–it’s a nice touch but isn’t a selling point for the box, and certainly isn’t something that keeps subscribers coming back for more.

    Steve Snow failed miserably to lead the NetDevil team to success. He’s now failed on Horizons and Auto Assault. Will he be given another chance? For the love of God, please no!

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