Another Breath of Life

During the last few weeks, when I wasn’t busy at work, a friend managed to indirectly convince me to roll an alt in AO. I’m sick of alts. I love twinking, but I hate leveling up, going through the same dull content I’ve gone through for three years now… all that. But this time it’s a bit different. This time around there is a little bit of competition.

My friend managed to get one of the most-coveted items in the game for PvP/Crit-whore Melee Adventurers. He camped the named mob that drops the Sword of Curiosity/ Wonder and managed to get the highest quality level (QL) sword that exists in this item category. He managed to snag himself a QL 260 Sword of Wonder. Since I have a melee Adventurer, he let me borrow this item to see if I liked it. Of course, this borrowing had guidelines. I was only going to be able to use it until the Adventurer he had yet to roll was able to wield it. Fortunately, I was disappointed with the item. Sure, 5.6k+ crits are great to see. But when my auto-attack damage and backstab damage suffer from it, then my over all DPS suffers, which does not make me a happy damage-whoring Adv. Not only that, but those 5.6k+ crits aren’t often enough to make up for the loss in DPS.

At any rate, he rolled his Adv and, unbeknownst to him, I had gotten the idea of trying a Ranged-based Adv. So I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to roll a new toon, irregardless of how familiar I was with the class already, and just mess around. I wasn’t expecting what inevitably happened.

As is usually the case, the least expected thing happened. This new toon is fun. I am having a blast running around with the same class I’ve played for two years, know like the back of my hand (of course this is one of those cases where I turn my hand over and find a spot that had “never been there” but is now), and have beaten to death. But it’s not that it’s just a new toon. There is a bit of silent competition going on between my friend and I. He knows, and freely admits, that I am better at twinking than he is. He is not a twinker in AO, and this is first endeavor in the lovely world of Anarchy twinking. So he has a learning curve, and doesn’t know how to properly plan ahead. However, we are going back and forth see what each person can do.

At level 25, he twinked in QL 90 imps, whereas I only did QL 70. Ten levels later I twinked in QL 90 imps with ease, and then was out-doing his weapons and nanos. Come level 50, I set it up so that I could get QL 125’ish imps in, with QL 120’ish pistols and QL 76 armor. He had to fight to get QL 125’ish imps in, and is struggling with poorly-planned IP to get QL 120’ish weapons on. However, in a few levels he’ll outdo me, and we’ll have to start the cycle all over again.

Both of us rolled Solitus Advs. The Solitus breed is your typical all-around good, but not great at anything Human breed. So we both have the same handicap. However, it’s our knowledge of the game and drive to outdo one another that keeps this so entertaining.

Something else that I think helps is that it’s not a question of money right now. He has a lot more credits than I do. I have lots of gear, but I don’t sell anything other than certain items that you can get in missions that sell for a lot to stores. I don’t actively camp any named mobs and sell the items for loot. But I’ve always been able to have the items I want with some blitzing work. But unlike most games where twinking is about the amount of money you have, it’s about our skills as players and knowledge of the game. He asks me for help because I’ve twinked way too much. But this is fun, it’s different.

Twinks in the past have just been out of boredom. Now it’s about one-up-manship. And the game has never been more fun.