Polygamy and Online Gaming

Not to get political, but gamers may yet save Western society. Ongoing debates about same-sex marriage frequently touch on polygamy, and it is argued that polygyny creates a large pool of unmarried men who either cause social unrest or are sent off to war. This is just background; we are not going to debate the issue here, because we are not that sort of blog (Lum might go there, but we moderate comments; jokes about accidental online same-sex marriage are fine, if sometimes obvious).

We know, of course, that no such problem exists for the current generation of young men, who are all playing World of Warcraft. Instead of being sent off to war, they will be sent to raid Onyxia. Who has time for weddings and all that stuff when you are running Molten Core and UBRS this weekend? Everyone is counting on your priest to show up.

Indeed, when America legalizes polygamy, it will probably be because World of Warcraft has removed so many marriageable men from circulation. The women are out there looking, and they are hungry.

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “Polygamy and Online Gaming”

  1. LOL. I think that is starting to go both ways though. More women are playing MMORPGS and finding fun and friendships online. And look, no hands – the donuts and pepsi I scarf down while running raids don’t make my hips bulge. I look better and better in my epicly flimsly armor. We also get to ogle buffed male bods with chiseled features and very big weapons. Who needs a real man when I can strip in IF and have hundreds lapping at my feet? Not that I would ever do such a thing. *smile*

  2. …or the women have joined the gamers, with variable degrees of success. (i know two women who kick SERIOUS butt in WoW…

  3. Hey there now. Poly goes both ways. I can say this as I am part of a poly family in which there are more males then females. Actually breakdown of the Poly families I know are 30% male+, 50% equal {aka couple looking for a 3rd or more}, 20% female+ (+ meaning more of that sex).

    Being Poly mean there is a better chance that someone you love is online when you are.

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