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All comments are read and appreciated. They let us know what y’all find interesting. Please feel free to comment on any post, even fairly ancient ones. We get e-mail notification and have a list of all recent comments, so your words on a year-old post will still be welcomed like a newborn child.

Unfortunately, if your name is something like “All Herbal Viagra,” your comments may be caught by our spam filter. You’d be caught by my e-mail spam filter, too, so I don’t know how you get around that without picking a new name. Why would your parents name you something like that, anyway?

Thank you for reading, caring, and helping us kill rats. We love our community.

: Zubon

10 thoughts on “Comment on Comments”

  1. And we love you too. sniff. This blog is both witty, and informative, thanks for all the work you guys put into this. Much appreciated.

  2. From Broken Toys:

    I imagine the protest went like this after looking at those pictures:

    Protester1: “WHAT DO WE WANT!”

    Protesters2-5: “LAG FREE SERVERS!”

    Protester1: “WHEN DO WE WANT IT!?!”

    *screen comes on with a GM playing the new expansion*

    Protesters2-5: “Hey, is that the new expansion?”

    Protester1: “WHEN DO WE WAN….. whoa, is that a blood elf?”

    GM playing new expansion: “You see, I can fly this griffon anywhere I want and land wherever I want.”

    All Protesters: *signs drop in unison while they watch the screen, mesmerized*

    GM: “What were you all yelling about anyhow?”

    Protestor1: “Can I try it?”

    GM: “Uhh, sure….”

  3. I love the comments…and try to reply when I get the email that an old post has been replied to. One person emailed me to apologize for having a different opinion…that’s OK!! We’re all in trouble if I’m the new Voice of the Community. It’d be Muppets Online for sure then =)

    ps. I actually have burned out McAfee’s spam sensor since starting to write here. You’d be amazed how many of the posts want to “enhance” me, my mortgage, my online gambling activities.

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