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Has anyone out there played the World of Warcraft board game? It comes with more than a dozen types of cards, four pages of tokens to punch out, reference sheets for classes and monsters, a big stack of miniatures, and an instruction book of about 25 pages. It is designed for 6 players, with variants for smaller groups. Minimum table space needed is about two standard card tables; the board itself takes up one.

After fumbling through trying to set up a first game this weekend, our consensus seemed to be that we could just play WoW. I have played some pretty complex board games and war games, but is it worth learning it all for the WoW board game? If you don’t play WoW?

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  1. What, it doesn’t require 40 people?

    I don’t understand. How can it accurately reflect the real gaming experience if you don’t have to sit around waiting for the party leader to call all of his friends, trying to fill up the group?

  2. Played it at my buddy Steve’s house a few weeks ago, just the two of us. We didn’t finish, as it got pretty late.

    The combat takes a run or two to wrap your head around, but I wouldn’t say that the game is crazy complex. On the other hand, I’ve been a fan of the Avalon Hill bookcase games for years (things like “Squad Leader”) and those games could choke a horse with their rulebooks.

    My warlock was amazingly weak but my troll rogue hit level 3 without too much trouble. His paladin and mage also hit level 3 around the same time.

    The mix of character skills and talents and limited slots to use them means that you’re making some pretty interesting calls during the game.

    We’re going to give it another go with more people when he gets back from his vacation.

  3. I’ve played the boardgame once… it was fun but damn it takes so long.. by the end we were pretty tired. I don’t expect to play it again. I guess part of the time issue came from one of the players who had to contemplate every move for about 5-6 minutes.

  4. IIRC, the game company which made the WoW board game (Eagle Games) has filed for bankruptcy. WoW is by no means the only game in their lineup filled to the brim with expensive plastic miniatures and requiring many hours to play.

    That doesn’t make them bad games, but it does suggest Eagle misjudged what the board gaming customer base is looking for.

  5. I did a pre-order for the game. That’s how excited we were to play it. The goal was to teach my daughters and other family members to play a game that they’d heard my son and I discuss so much. The setup for the game was excruciatingly painful and way too complicated. I think the target audience must have been seasoned RPG board or pen-n-paper fans. It clearly isnt something that a family of casual board gamers ban pick up quickly. It took me 1.5 hours for setup and explanations of the rules, races and classes. By then everyone was already bored with the idea. We played for an hour, shoved the stuff back in the very big and reasonably expensive box, never to be opened again. That was last summer

  6. Some of us over at WarCry played it, and found it to have the same 60 – 90 minute learning curve. Overall, we did end up having some fun with it, but Shaman are still overpowered, ha! Here’s the summary of our review

    I think that if your server is down and you want to use up that 4 hours you scheduled for a raid, bust the boardgame out.

  7. Sounds like the CCG should be a better fit for what people want in an offline WoW…

  8. If you want to check out how to do an epic-sized licensed boardgame with buckets of pieces, and have it really work, check out War of the Ring done by Fantasy Flight from the Lord of the Rings licence. Two players (with a variant for four), and succeeds in being an enjoyable and balanced game, AND capturing the feel of both the books and movies exceptionally well.

  9. So Saylah, you looking to sell it cheaply? I’m a nerd, and this sorta sounds right up my alley. A bit too pricey, though. But if I can get it on the cheap…

  10. >>>
    IIRC, the game company which made the WoW board game (Eagle Games) has filed for bankruptcy.

    Eagle Games has indeed filed for bankruptcy, but Fantasy Flight Games is the publisher of WoW: the Boardgame. It’s an honest enough mistake – both companies live in the ‘Big Game, Lots of Plastic Bits’ space.

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