Plug it!

I finally got this ripped to something digital. The following link is to an mp3 of the piece of the Sound & Vision Radio E3 coverage where Robert (Nicodemus) & I spoke about games and plugged KTN. You even get to hear me snort! Woop! (I was out of breath and scrambling to come up with something after Robert stole my answer hehe).

All and all it went well.

Grab it here.

2 thoughts on “Plug it!”

  1. Hehe.

    It was a pretty good interview, although we were totally tired from all the walking around. I was half deaf from the noise level at E3, and my allergies were kicking up (hopefully that is why I sound a bit on the nasally side of things).

    Anyway, Spot is great for doing radio interviews and stuff with. He knows his stuff (even if I don’t always agree) and is great to work with.

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