Funcom delivers

For those interested in looking at the 16.3 patch notes, you can check out the link here.

And since I enjoy keeping abreast of Funcom’s mishaps, I’ll keep updating this post as I see more and more issues pop up. And today’s issues are some good ones.

Today’s patch 16.3 did… something special. The faction system introduced with The Shadowlands managed to get broke. Mobs of one faction are giving their opposite faction. Excellent. The servers were up probably for 2-3 hours, and then taken back down. (No exact time, as I was at class when this all happened.) As the title states, Funcom delivers.

Edit 1: The new mouse scroll system introduced seems to be a bit of a mess.

Edit 2: For the limited time the live servers were up, people recieved the new Inferno missions. Upon looking at the reward, however, they were rather dismayed. Turns out the Shadowknowledge (otherwise known as experience past level 200) reward is a negative reward. Yes, that’s right, you lose experience as a reward. Link here. Check out the pasted mission text in the 8th post.


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  1. I really enjoyed AO, but nobody could screw up a patch like Funcom could. Hope things have improved.

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