Introducing Crusade

[Crusade] For those of you who had not noticed over at Lum’s (I hear he has more readers than we do), David Allen is getting a new game going, Crusade. Honesty points to Mr. Allen for interview responses that amount to, “We wanted to make our version of WoW, for people who like that sort of game but don’t like some of the design decisions.” Maybe this one is the exact shade of Yet Another Fantasy MMORPG for you.

Crusade will be having design journals over at IGN. The first is about character progression and skills. Interesting notion: start with a class-based game, then add use-based skill system, then add an EVE-like real-time study system. This could be either the ideal system that everyone has always dreamt of, perfectly incorporating competing concerns, or else the greatest nightmare of balancing ever.

I have hope.

: Zubon

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