EVE vs. WoW

I came across an old post today on Terra Nova. Part of it hit the nail on the head as to why I prefer EVE over WoW. Let me share that part with you.

WoW (and too it symbolizes so much in the genre) is a place that reeks of fun and playfulness on the surface, but once ensnared, players are led into a deception that spells W*O*R*K. Eve-Online on the other hand is Icelandic with Calvinist overtones – yet in this confining straightjacket there is opportunity to find one’s own way towards a demeanor of play. One represents a fall into an abyss, the other, a rise from one to redemption…

Most all MMOs out there that I have played go for the fun and easy right off the bat. Levels ding several times a night. New skills and new armor in a flurry of action. Fast forward a few months and it’s days to get a level and you are still wearing that same ugly cloak you found 2 weeks ago. EVE on the other hand starts out kind of rough and ugly. Confusing at times and seeming as if there is nothing to do. Fast forward a few months and you can go from a hardcore ice miner to a covert-ops pilot sneaking behind the enemy forces in the time it takes to dock and switch ships.

Yes, I am an EVE fanboy and I hope more MMORPGs can find a way to make a game keep getting more fun as you play it, like EVE does.

– Ethic

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  1. I have to say after going to Eve from EQ2 I wouldnt go back. At first I thought Eve wasnt that good with its confusing interface and after the tutorial was done found myself thinking “Now what?”. However I found a good corp (Eves version of a guild for those who dont know) and that made my playing experience so much better. CCP could probably give a bit more guidance about things to do to the new starting player, but a good corp helps immensley.

  2. “in the time it takes to dock and switch ships” … get the money for the expensive skills, get the money to buy the expensive ships and modules, and spend the months of real time training the skills.

    Other than that, I do agree with you. I do like EVE, but it isn’t quite as simple to switch between ice mining and covert ops as you say unless they drastically increased learning rates since I’ve been gone.

  3. No, but if already have the skills…

    Wait, that’s like saying you can just log on your level 60 Priest alt when you are tired of your level 60 Warrior main. They’re just all wrapped into one character on EVE. I could presumably be in a mining barge in a month, but then I could have a level 60 in a month, too, I suspect. You are still going a month or three to get that good functionality, compared to a character who has never tried it; that seems comparable to starting a new character in Yet Another Fantasy MMORPG. Given offline training time: advantage EVE, I think.

    – Yet another Zubon post that goes in no particular direction.

  4. I think EVE Online is inferior to World of Warcraft in most regards because you cannot advance solo and PvP is non-consensual. The majority of players wish to be able to decide these two issues themselves and not have the game make the choice for them. Your talk of too much freedom and choice in the game makes sense only on a small scale. On the large scale EVE is much more controlling of gameplay then WoW.

    However, the uniqueness and cutthroat nature of EVE Online has attracted a lot of gamers who are burnt out on the fantasy MMORPG. These gamers willing to accept EVE’s very rough rules in exchange for its uniqueness.
    You have to realize though that most people are not burned out on fantasy and that many of the WoW subscribers are brand new to the genre.

  5. It’s not burning out on fantasy so much as burning out on poor game mechanics. WoW is broken in very big ways. The solo game you mentioned is generally limited to grinding either one monster type, for quest completion, or one monster class, for faction; that’s not effectively much better than EVE’s solo mining, courier missions, and deadspace encounters. There are great disparities between classes’ comparative abilities and handfuls of bug exploits that have just about become features (DS/MD pet rez, anyone?). Blizzard took good IP and marketed well, and raise the population of the MMO market by an order of magnitude or two.

    CCP took no IP and made a space MMO with a very slow starting game and, granted, that’s given it a much smaller population. My argument is in favour of game stability and design. I have tried every way I could think of to take advantage of some of the options available, and they just don’t work. I acknowledge that there are far few variables to consider in meticulously balancing a ship’s design, rather than a class template, but I’d rather always play a simple game with few glaring errors than what has become an ongoing subscription beta.

  6. I find that most bugs except terrain exploits have been cleared up in WoW pretty quickly. As for the general rancor towards questing I admit that the easy to find quests are the standard “Kill Ten Rats” but WoW has a ton of unique and interesting quests which just seem to beat the “Mine Ore for your Corp” gameplay of EvE Online.

    The Pirate Chain quest in Arathi Highlands where you have to activate canons to blow up attacking Naga.

    The Ecto-plasm quest where you have to blast ghosts in Live Stratholm with a ghostbusters looking gun.

    It seems as if the most interesting feature in EVE Online is that raiding doesn’t control guild/corporation size and politically powerful entities can actually be created. Of course these huge corps can then take over huge parts of the galaxy and prevent exploration and gameplay. But then again most people like forced pvp, right?

  7. Not counting WoW’s battlegrounds, I’m far more partial to the “forced” PvP in EVE (no one’s forcing you into non-secure space) than to the occasional unexpected gank that passes as WoW’s excuse for a consensual PvP server.

  8. PvP in EVE is so easy to avoid. I’ve played over a year without encountering it when I didn’t want to. Most of the space is safe from PvP in general. I hate and avoid PvP in every MMO I’ve played, yet I still play EVE. It must not be too bad. There are players for every game in general, no reason to claim one is better than the other. It’s all up to personal preferences.

    I enjoyed the first 30 levels or so of WoW and then I got burned out of the grind I was going through. Just can’t get excited about it. EVE, for me, is filled with lots of “you never know what is going to happen next” moments which keeps it exciting. For example, the war that was just declared against us. I’m excited to go fight to defend our home space and stations. Stations we built. However, if one didn’t want to fight – there are plenty of other things to be done if you chose to do so.

    Really EVE and WoW are so different – I wouldn’t expect there to be very many people that like both of them. One or the other.

  9. Zubon, I totally agree with you. The EVE model where you have one guy/gal that can eventually get good at everything and just needs to switch ships to take on a different role is superior to the WoW model.

    All I was pointing out is that it isn’t quite so simple to get to that point. I played EVE for maybe 6 months or so, got into Assault Ships, was working on Interceptors and was close to HACs. Now I was pretty damned far away from being able to mine in a barge let alone mine ice and I could afford to buy and fit maybe 3 or 4 Assault Ships before I woulda been broke ;)

  10. When I first got EvE, I just sat in the statio for the first 30-45 min, trying to figure out how to get out of the station. As a game, it is a bit daunting (the newer tutorials help alot in that regard, but those were not in place when I started) with a learning curve that is pretty steep. That said, once I began to learn the ropes a bit, the game seemed…. meh.

    That was then. Now, the game holds an odd draw for me. And I think I have my finger on why; It’s the ability to be anything, and everything. Every MMO I have ever played, I always tried to avoid specialization. This comes from a desire to solo 90% of the time. In EvE, you can do just that. You can train in any direction, and eventually arrive at a point where you can handle the ntire process from A to Z.

    A perfect example was I had joined (on my return to EvE after a rest) a fairly young corp. I had trained pretty much everything I could to a mid level. When the ceo would say “Gee, we need a miner…” I would link my mining barge, and say I’m your guy. And with little more training, I was sudenly well advanced as a miner. Ceo would say “Gee, we need a builder/researcher on these BPs”.. I would quote my skills, and with a slight amount of training I was top science guy. Same for hauling, trading, and even fighting. (Swear I’m not trying to brag)

    EvE’s form of cooperative play always felt more natural than it did in other games, as like I said I prefer to solo. And, I guess that’s the final statement on why I like the game. I can do both just as easily.

  11. The two games are very different in several different ways:

    1) Sci-Fi vs Fantasy
    2) Skill based System vs Class based System
    3) Ship based combat vs Character based Combat

    The guess if there was more character to character interaction I could like EVE a bit more. Also skill based systems do give a lot of freedom but it seems as if its easier to gimp your first character by training in the wrong skills. I like Scifi and Fantasy equally but EVE is a little too diferent for me to appreciate. I do hope it continues to do well though cause I would love to see more Scifi based MMORPGs.

  12. Gimping your first character as a result of training the wrong skills doesn’t happen, thankfully. Getting the wrong attributes (piles of charisma) isn’t the best, but characters start with so few skills that if you suddenly find there’s something you need it’s quicker to just train it and keep the extras you picked up than to start over. It’s not like Asheron’s Call. There’s no cap or degredation in the speed of learning.

  13. Ok guys to be honest I have played several online games an most of them have been the ones were you have to sit all day in front of your computer an kill npc to level up. But once you reach that level what is it that you do ? The answer to that is kill more npc to lv up and i think thats boring. And if all you do is lv up that doesnt leave much time to pvp or to do nything else but lvl up.Also in most games were all you do is kill monster after monster to gain experiance an to get to a lv is pretty bad an to make things worst you have to choose form a knight or elf maybe a mage or somthing an the thing is each one has a ability an advantage over a nother one an i think thats bad. But like in EVE I have been playing it for over 3 years and I have come to like the game lol its mroe like a life style lmao tell me how many times have you gone to sleep an rested while a skill trained an once that skill is done you can wake up the next day well rested an play the game with out having to stay all night an kill monster after monster. Also in EVE you dont have to worry about oh your next level an armor an crap like that in eve you can just do what ever it is that you do maybe kill npc for some small cash not for exp or go mine or go pvp in a cheap command ship lol even go teach new players how to make isk fast an get them to join your corperation, now thats is good gaming I think. But in eve it does have it ups an downs for example unlike other games lol eve can cause stress such as in your wallet or how rich you are lol or maybe like oh crap I died an lost a tech 2 battlecruiser an now im broke but in some other games you dont get the stress in stuff like that since you umm die ok respawn with your stuff some times or with out it but its no big deal cuz you can rebuy it easy. But tbh an so sry for the long discussion lol I think eve is better

  14. In the end this comparison is a mute point;

    Eve online is not a war faction game.

    WOW is not an economy/political simulator.

    I have played multiple accounts on both games. I’ve had 7 lvl 70’s and I have had 6 active eve accounts (Able to take out a rorqual, 4 hulks, and a defensive ship myself to do “mining ops”).

    In the end, I believe world of warcraft is a better game for those who are interested in somewhat mindless fun. “kill ten rats”, collect resources for the war effort, raid and go kill throll.

    However, I believe that eve online is a vastly superior game for those who are interested in playing a meta-game. Eve is not a space combat game, nor is it a flying simulator. Eve is a political simulator. Players can be members of corporations who can be members of alliances who can be “pets” of other alliances who can be members of coalitions.

    Currently, 4 main coalitions control the insecure regions of eve. They fight with each other and form non-aggression pacts within there own members (alliances).

    There are dictatorships, capital societies, secret societies, and capitalist sects. All of the war and mining and camping are simply tools in the political manipulation game. Players can find a role in any level of that structure, but in the end, if a player wants to leave the newbie training area (empire space) they will end up in the midst of a huge political, economic, and social landscape with the ability to start as a miner, and pvp drone, and work your way up to becoming a member of the war council controlling literally thousands of player’s direction against other similarly sized factions.

    Its just more fun to send out multiple hundreds of billions if not trillions of assets to wreck havoc on the supply and moral of our enemies.

  15. “On the large scale EVE is much more controlling of gameplay then WoW.”

    Yet, you just mentioned that PvP is non-consensual in EVE. That means anyone can attack anyone, anytime, anywhere, without limitation. On top of that, the EVE economy is player-based. The players, not the game, decide how much items are worth. On top of THAT, anyone can fly any ship, fit any module, train any skill, and they aren’t limited by their race, unlike in WoW. Yeah, EVE gameplay is soooo much more controlled than WoW…

  16. Well, I played both Eve online for about a year and Wow for about 9 months I’d say. Unlike Eve, in Wow if you want to be a human but like things that orcs or blood elfs use you can’t get them. But, in Eve if you are an Amarr and want to use Caldari wepons, you can train for them(they are mainly missles). What empire you choose in eve dosen’t affect much about who you can mission for or what wepons you train except the starting skills you get. Yes, Eve is much more economic and political based, but it has a large millitary asspect to it and wars can be started with other corps/alliances. In wow, you are just at war with horde or alliance and no one else. It gets very boaring just doing that. Eve is deffently much more complicated to learn for new MMO players, unlike wow which is much much more simple to play(click to auto-attack to activating moduals and wepons). Eve deffently also has much better graphics. Wow pvp is somewhat better because in eve you need to find a group usuaily to to some good pvp but wow you can just do a battleground and are automatily matched up. Wow also has an endgame(hitting lvl70), but eve really dosen’t.

    In the end, It’s a tie for me. Wow is good for playing for a few minuets and than stoping but Eve you can play for hours and get a new ship or skill but gets repiditive eventuily.
    Eve=complex and huge but repeditive. good for group play. good for hardcore mmo gamers
    Wow=simple and fun but gets boaring. good for new mmo players

  17. WoW is nothing more than a repetitve gear and level grind. There is no control over the world and nothing ever changes. Its like playing id a stale dead cement sandbox.

  18. Ok its time for me to jump back into this seemingly never ending rant, I’ve not had a pop at this Q for almost a year now so I’m sorry if I ramble. I will say right now that I have NOT played WoW in full, iv only played the trial and while that doesn’t give me a complete understanding of the game by a long shot it does give me a good taste of what the game is like. I’ve also been on EvE for nearly 2 years before I took a year’s break from MMO’s so yes I do have a better understanding of EvE.

    First of I think people have to except the fact that EvE and WoW have 2 completely different playing styles. EvE is very much an ‘open sandbox’ game, by that I mean the content comes from the players not the game. In WoW the Content is there in the story line…. EvE as a universe we make the story, we make the wars etc…. in WoW it’s laid out for you in quests and Horde V Alliance.

    The other thing to say about playing styles is that EvE is targeted around groups of players (corps) working together, the whole game is based around groups of players. WoW on the other hand is not. In WoW you CAN play the game solo and do just fine and enjoy the game. (Noted u can join a guild and play in groups)In EvE you won’t even scratch the surface of the game if u try and play it solo.

    EvE: targeted at group play but can play solo
    WoW: Targeted at Solo play but groups can work together

    My next point is the skills/levelling system, I swear if I hear 1 more person try to compare the 2 and say either 1 is better ill eat my socks. EvE you train skills with each skill taking a set amount of real time to learn, once a selecting of skills have been trained you can fly a new ship (dulled down for WoW players who haven’t played EvE). Basically in EvE it’s really time skill training with at my last count about 13 years of real time training to learn every skill. In WoW it’s the standard XP related levelling system, kill ten rats to get xp and get your level up. Getting your Level up gives you more HP and Mana and allows you to use more items as u progress through the levels. (This standard set by WoW)

    EvE: Real Time Skill Training.
    WoW: Xp Based Levelling System.

    Third point I have to mention the servers and how this affects the markets in both games. In EvE the entire player basis plays on 1 server meaning all the corps (guilds) is in the same place so for a kick of all the action good and bad happens on this 1 server. In relation to the markets this is a very good thing, it means prices are completely player based, the market is fully player run and there isn’t a different price on a dif server for the same item. EvEs market system is, in effect, a real market in as much as prices go up and down in different locations in a direct relation to supply and demand.

    In WoW players are spread out over servers and as such prices on each server are dif based closely on supply and demand but always in line with vendor price (NPC market for those who haven’t played WoW) WoW’s market is in effect a NPC run market.

    SPACE… no I mean playing space, the area you as a play have to play in.

    In an EvE solar system there is completely endless amount of space to fly in BUT a lot of that is dead space with nothing at all in it. The only parts that get used are around space station, mining belts, planets, jump gates etc. In WoW each individual location has an outer edge, it has limits but the space in each location has something to do, be it npc’s to kill or a town/city, what ever, the space is used. So with WoW locations are used to the full, EvE’s endless space in each system is let down by the fact that only small areas have anything to do. Know take into account WoW has around 60 +/- locations, now let me ctrl-c/p this across from EvEs website.

    “The numbers of solar systems currently in the database are 5431. Divided into 786 constellations and again into 67 regions.”

    EvE: A lot of space to play in.
    WoW: Not a lot of space to play in.

    Graphics. WoW’s graphics are amazing. EvE has poor graphics in comparison. In WoW you get to see your char move, fight, run, swim, fidget and the rest of the world is active as well. In EvE you Char is a picture. The ships are dam good I have to say and the weapon effects are good as well… but in graphics WoW win, no 2 ways about it.

    EvE: Bad Graphics
    WoW: Good Graphics

    End Game. Eve has no true end game as the game isn’t completely skill based, it boils down to universe domination and how you as a player play a part in your corp reaching that goal, if that means you help mine roids to build ships, or u fly the ships to go pop someone else flying in a red corp, to the CEO’s and directors who do there dampest to keep the corps going politically. It boils down to you helping your corp and your alliance own systems in EvE.

    In WoW, complete the quests, level up, enjoy the story and have a laugh while doing it. It doesn’t take long to hit the level cap, I managed to hit the trial account level cap (granted only lvl20) in 4 days. So to hit 80, give me a month or 2. The story line and the quests are good and enjoyable but I found they got repetitive very soon, they boil down to kill ten rats and bring me there tails or go to so and so and give him this.

    My final point before I shut up and go back to ignoring these topics is this.

    WoW and EvE are both amazing games but they are not comparable.

    EVE: Tough, Long, and Dedicated serious game play
    WoW: Easy going, shorter, more light hearted game play.

    It all depends what you want to do for fun.

    …. I’m going to re-sub my EvE account, those of you who play EvE, ill cya in game. Those of you who play WoW, thanks for the laugh guy and gals, was fun but I just prefer EvE.

    Fly Safe and Good Hunting.

  19. A very important point that has not been addressed are the ways in which Blizzard and CCP manage their games as intellectual property.

    Blizzard follows a more familiar commercial model. Blizzard decides what will happen, when, and does what they want in an interest to maintain their cash flows. Hot patches can radically and fundamentally change one’s character and style of play without warning and seemingly without reason. Game balance between the classes is infamously poor and has been for years, a topic Blizzard flatly refuses to directly address.

    In contrast CCP follows a model less familiar to most U.S. consumers. CCP attempts to be much more cooperative with it’s customers. A council of players exists, the members being voted on by the players, who CCP flies to their headquarters to provide face to face feedback on a semi-annual basis. There is a formal method of making suggestions and providing feedback from the players to CCP. CCP then tracks this process and provides information showing that in over half the time the players make valuable suggestions that are implemented into the game.

    When an exploit is found in Eve, CCP cops to it and publishes a white paper going into the details of the problem and the solution. Up to and including explaining how their code works, in some examples, and how that was taken advantage of. When an exploit is found in WoW Blizzard does their best to act as if it isn’t happening (pallys anyone?) or they cover it up as quickly as possible and try not to mention it.

    CCP allows you to exchange in game money (ISK) for game time. Meaning they believe that the players themselves add value to the game experience and if a given player is adding enough value to earned enough in game money to pay their sub fees then they must be valuable enough to have around without draining their real life wallet as well.

    In short, for many reasons, CCP treats their customers much better than Blizzard treats theirs.

  20. WoW and EvE are very different from each other. These are all the differences I can think of:

    1) Eve has only 1 proper server- Tranquility, while WoW has thousands with only a few thousand players in each one. I think this is better for Eve as everything that happens you can be part of.

    2) Eve has better gaphics… with the new expantion in March, it has made Ship skins and animations much better. It may not have animated characters, but thats because it is a Spaceship game.

    3) Most importantly (To me), Eve is a persistent universe. You can control space, monopolise the markets, etc. In wow nothing is persistent.

    4) Huge battles. You dont get that in WoW. The biggest battle in the history of Eve had about 2’000 Players oneach side. Thats more han 1 Wow server’s maximum no. of players.

    I have not played WoW myself, but my friend who tried it told me what he thinks of it. I introduced him to Eve and he now plays that with me :)

  21. Staying off either side, I have noticed an ongoing trend with EVE vs. WoW.

    A majority of EVE players will identify WoW as a “have played.” Most will say that they hated it for XX reasons.

    A large number of EVE players will say that they have played other MMOs “similar” to WoW, and will pick apart problems with WoW without actually having experience in said problems.

    Almost every EVE player I have ever met (and I have been to a convention with a very large group of them) have a “balls deep” vendetta against WoW, but will never make any mention of other MMOs in the fantasy genre, or ever speak of experience with any other MMO besides WoW.

    The last part is interesting because anyone who is “sick and tired” of the fantasy genre would most likely have played more than 10 levels of a single MMO. I have heard virtually no mention in the WoW hating threads EVE players make so often about games like Ultima Online (the very first MMO ever made), Shadowbane, Everquest, or Warhammer Online.

    My personal impression of this is that part of the culture of EVE players who consider themselves respectable is to have an anti-World of Warcraft mentality, even if it is completely baseless on their own knowledge, experience, or even opinion.

    This sort of blindly directed “hate” is what most would consider a primitive human trait, no different than fear or hatred of things that are unknown or different, as well as the “backed into a corner” feeling most minorities have when making their views and opinions heard, even if no majority is making an “attack” on them whatsoever.

    In conclusion, both games are filled with human beings as players, both games are very different, both games are managed very differently, but perhaps this ongoing “war” between these two games only exists in the minds of a single side?


  22. @ Wander

    You are partially right. It’s not about hate. I am playing WoW and I’m thinking of switching to Eve. Why? Because WoW has problems. Lots of problems.
    First of all, the relation between devs and players is nonexistent. The community is rather disappointing (maybe because there are many very young, immature people?), the forums are full of whiners I don’t exactly know why is that. Maybe because the class balance is very poorly designed and sometimes blizzard simply pretends things are 100% fine or “working as intended™”. They have to have their own reasons for doing so, but it seems they only care about $$. On the other hand, players are not happy with the balance between classes and whine and troll in countless posts. Ofc blizzard is simply ignoring these posts, but in exchange they won’t do a thing to fix the balance. It’s kind of weird when SC and WC3 are so well balanced games…
    Secondly, PvP is dead in WoW. Yes, there are battlegrounds and arenas, but the former are mindless zerging fests and the latter have huge class balance problems. Besides, the whole theme of factions, races, horde vs alliance and the PvP wars simply don’t exist.
    Lastly, the game becomes boring quickly as you play it. All you do is grind to level 80 > join a guild > grind more > get better gear > grind again. Basically, it’s a huge grindfest. Yes, MMORPGs involve grinding but some of them are based more on social interaction and clever thinking. In WoW it’s like “do XYZ, after that do T, after T do R,S, and Q then Omega, game over”. Only, this is if you don’t get bored at T. Wanna do more? You have to roll another class, rinse and repeat.

    Though, WoW is a great experience as first MMO.

  23. @ Alex

    On the whole, I think you have given a reasonable review of both games with the exception of your “Graphics” paragraph. Anyone who suggests that WoW has better graphics than EvE obviously needs to get their eyes checked out. You seem to be confused as to the meaning of the word “graphics” by putting game animations under the category of graphics… What you said about being able to see the characters “move, fight, run, swim, fidget” shows that the animators have spent time on this, not that there are good graphics.

    I also think that you can see your character (represented by your spaceship) move (fly), fight and run (warp) and with great graphics in EvE, maybe not swim or fidget but spaceships generally don’t do these things. I would like to ask you about how you would like to see your character “fidget” in his spaceship and question why! CCP is also now promising ambulation, releasing a trailer at the recent fanfest.

  24. I just wanted to pop in and say EVERYBODY should go watch the new EVE trailer.

    Yes, that is an entirely possible gameplay pvp scenario that any eve player will be happy to explain to you, and the graphics are only slightly touched up.

  25. Eve: Many classes rolled into one character however it will take you a year to have a couple really well skilled (maxed bonuses) classes.
    Wow: Many classes but on different characters. You can level up pretty quickly

    Eve: PVE raids (missions/complexes) exist but your real raiding will be againts other players.
    Wow: You can jump on and que for a random dungeon

    Eve: PVP you find willing/unwilling targets and you get to keep their gear if you win
    Wow: You can jump on and que for a battleground and do it endlessly

    Eve: Gear (ships and modules) that you used a couple months into the game are still used and usfull. Think interceptor ship class.
    Wow: All that gear you got along the way is useless pretty much to you now.

    Eve: Parts of the game play area are almost barren and empty you will see hardly anyone. Low sec comes to mind. Some nights I would cruise from system to system for hours and not find anyone to fight who wasnt docked.
    Wow: The starting areas are barren wastelands where you will see hardly anyone as eventually everyone ends up in the same place lvl 85. Think the barrens.

    Eve: The crafting system is nice. 99% of all the gear used in the game is player made.
    Wow: The crafting system is lame. No one wants your stuff generally. Good gear comes from drops not the players.

    Eve: It is possible to pay for your subscription with game money. I believe it is easilly obtainable for a couple month old character to pay for their subscription in about 18 hours game play a month at this time. (360million isk for plex / 20million isk per hour income)
    Wow: No

    Eve: The reverse is true if you have a fat real life wallet you can buy game money from other players by trading them game subscriptions for it. Eve does not care who pays for the subscriptions as long as they just get paid for.
    Wow: Not legally.

    Eve: Transfer of characters between accounts (different players is allowed)and has built in mechanic to allow you to buy a character for game money and have it transfered to your account. This way you can get a character that has been training since beta if you wish. However it will likely cost you approx $1000 real dollars. Approx 5 years of $15/month subscription = $900
    Wow: Not legally

    Eve: You die you lose your gear.
    Wow: You die you keep your gear.

    Example of an Eve raid on other players:

    The enemy group of players was in control of what I will call a resource node. This was a moon from which they were harvesting resources by means of a “player owned space station” (POS). These resources were valuable because they were ingredients in the making of top end player made gear (Tech level 2 gear). Only one POS can be stationed in orbit around a moon at a time. Another group of players wished to have access to the moons resources and were making war on the first group of players. My group had been hired to assist in the take down of the POS. Those defending the POS had decided to bring in carriers (like aircraft carriers where the fighter jets are robotic not piloted) and assign the flights of robotic fighters to players in fast ships (interceptors). The interceptors were to fly in with their now assigned fighters and attack those of us laying siege to the POS. My role in a small ship (there was more than me) was to tackle the robotic fighters and destroy them one by one. We did so and the defending players retreated. Meanwhile those actually firing on the POS completed their objective.
    Kind of picture the death star from return of the jedi being taken down.

    Ok I really enjoy both Wow and Eve. However at this time I just want to log in and do a couple battlegrounds in the evenings so am playing Wow. They are both mmorgs but are really quite different and good in their own ways. Eve is not a Wow clone! It is as far removed from Wow as possible so as to not compete with it directly.

    Why do you have to play just one. Play one for couple months switch repeat as desired.

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