Game of the Moment

A cute free thing online: Gunbound. Gunbound is a battle of cute little tanks. It is turn based with an interface quite a bit like a golf game. You might ride on a glowing grub that shoots bouncing balls of death or a triceratops with explosive cabbage. When learning to play, I recommend Mage or Turtle, since they are the most straightforward mobiles.

Basic instructions: right/left to move, up/down to aim, space bar to fire, tab to switch weapons. You get gold for winning or making nice shots, which you can use to buy hats and such. You can also buy them with real cash. The items give bonuses, but half the rooms ignore those bonuses so you don’t have to compete against people who pay to play.

Servers are kind of very bad, with significant lag freezes between turns on many games. There is no more juvenile trash-talking than in most subscription-based games, but then maybe I have been lucky. I could use an ignore list some days. If the buddies list is working when you try it out, you can add me and we can shoot at each other. What are friends for?

: Zubon

PS: referral event at the moment. Feel free to tell them Zubon sent you, since I’m saving up to buy a cape. :)

3 thoughts on “Game of the Moment”

  1. Used to be cool ’till the cheaters came over. Also, the cash system ruins any game.

  2. I used to play this all the time until they started requiring money to get items. Reminded me of Worms.

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