City of Heroes Free Reactivation Weekend

coh[City of Heroes] Their poor, hammered update servers. I will be able to connect someday. With any luck, this will be the party that the last free weekend should have been, relatively bug-free. I was just thinking of re-subscribing anyway! Good timing, except for that LAN party this weekend.

Since I am getting a little free playtime, I will give them a little free press. The first thing is that CoX will soon be introducing Veteran Rewards, stuff you get for having subscribed for a while. This includes wings, trenchcoats, and other mostly decorative touches. My special pre-order glowie-Sprint will no longer be quite as special. The other is that they are pimping the new combined CoH/CoV game, available only at Wal-Mart.

If you have an old account, see if you can log on. If you have never tried it, the “Good Versus Evil Edition” is a cheap way to try both. I will have nice things to say about it all next week, most likely.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “City of Heroes Free Reactivation Weekend”

  1. I’m going to fire it up, if nothing else to see if my wife likes it. She will probably like the character creator at least. Now lets just hope I didn’t uninstall it recently when trying to make some room for a beta that needed 20 GB!!! to install.

  2. Same. I’ll crank up my characters on Pinacle and run/jump/port around since my kids really enjoy watching it. And of the games I played, it was the one I had the least objection to my kids watching me play. If not for the horrible, longest ever, 40-50 grind, I’d likely be there still.

    It also has the honor of being the game with strangest language filter I’ve ever seen. Besides really strange words being filtered, the 5th column, who wore Nazi articles, had uniforms with the emblem, and I even have a letter (from the time bandit arc or whaetver it’s called) talking about Nazis, the word “nazi” itself was filtered. So you’d say “Hey, I need to do a few more @#$% kills for this mission” to your friends. Although now they are something else, if I recall correctly. Again with the time travel change or something.

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