Crusade Trade Skills

[Crusade] David Allen wonders whether his upcoming game should restrict the number of trade skills you can have/master/use. I am going to vote for “no.” If you are already combining EVE’s time-based character development with a standard use-based character development, there is no need to place a hard cap on the number of skills you can learn. Time will do that.

In this case, you need to pick one of two routes. EVE’s route was to make so many skills that no one would ever be able to cap them all, since they keep adding new skills occasionally. You could also just decide that it is fine for someone to hit all the time-based caps, some number of years down the line. Of course, when it is “some number of years down the line,” you can change your mind and keep adding skills to push the horizon away. Just don’t do the Learning skills thing.

Also, if I may offer a bit of writing advice, never use the phrase “to the next level” twice in an essay that short. If your game promises to make the very concept of trade skills ding twice in one night, you better deliver something spectacular.

: Zubon