Did anyone catch last night’s South Park episode: “Make Love, Not Warcraft”? I’m not going to spoil it for anyone or nitpick it, but anyone that plays MMOs and especially WoW should check their listings for a rerun. It is a great episode about WoW. I believe Blizzard helped with the episode as their logo is seen throughout the episode. A good portion of the episode is told machinema style using WoW graphics, although I think Blizzard tweaked it a little for them as they do things not seen in the regular game. I was playing with my camera when the show came on so I took some literal screen shots.

12 thoughts on “ROFL”

  1. I thought it was hilarious. My wife watched it with me and was pretty much out of the loop. I was laughing through the whole thing.

    For some reason, the part I laughed the hardest at was the dad at the end trying to trade an item. I don’t know why but it struck me as really funny. I tried to imagine explaining something that should be so simple to a non-gamer and in my head it sounded so hard to understand that it just added to the humor. I’m thinking, “easy, just right click on the toon and choose trade and then drag the icon from your inventory into the trade window”. I’m not positive that is how it works in WoW (been a while), but just listening to it in my head and imagining the blank stare on a new player’s face made me realize how obscure these games can really be for the brand new MMO player.

    My wife is now 100% convinced that I’m a total nerd after watching that episode.

  2. Watched the Google episode (it’s free!) earlier today since I missed it. People kept dying in the raid last night, usually followed by a quote of whatever they were saying during the fight. Despite that, only had one wipe, due to someone wandering off (possibly due to watching and driving at the same time).

    Not bad, almost a little harsh for SP I thought, but eh, not bad.

  3. They did that with the Wierd Al video that a guildmate had posted up (“White and Nerdy”, damn it was funny). Eventually someone else just posted up a new one…

  4. Torrents ftw :) It was damn funny. The part where they go to trade the weapon I was just waiting for “You can’t trade BOP items.” That woulda been awesome :P

  5. Episode was great for anyone that plays WOW but for everyone who doesn’t, it had to be a headscratcher. I tried explaining to my wife as well why certain things were funny and got the nerd look too so don’t feel bad Ethic, because you weren’t the only one. lol. I loved it when they showed the “God” right at the beginning and you see that he is an over weight balding middle aged guy who moved as little as possible. Nice work by South Park once again.

  6. That happend to me the first time I tried to trade something, and something went wrong, it lagged and I clicked too fast, and the other player couldn’t get the trade and so I couldn’t get the other item. heh

    It horrifyingly captured my real life : gaining weight, etc.

  7. My favorite part was when Butters said he played Hello Kitty World. Butters is becoming my second favorite, behind only Cartman.

  8. Heartless – I was ALSO waiting for the sword to be BOP and unable to be traded, which is typical for an item of the caliber. But the whole thing was soooo funny. I mean, we really do sound like that when we speak to each other. Looking from the outside in, it was very surreal.

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