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What’s the most popular MMORPG activity around besides guessing if that mostly naked elf you’re dancing with is really female (hint: no) that everyone is doing? Guessing the release date for Blizzard’s expansion! This is a fun for all ages kind of show, and has the user base in a Furor. Ha! I made a silly in-joke there, you can tell I haven’t had my morning Dew yet, can’t you?

Anyway, if you peruse the beta forms, and you’re welcome to do so since they are not secured, you’ll see posts ranging from “Almost ready!” to “Um…so where’s my content?” That hasn’t stopped retailers from selling it. My favorite has been EBGames, who originally estimated the release for March 27, 2006 (this was shortly after BlizCon) and has continued to slide the date slowly south. Out of morbid curiosity, I went a-wandering the web and found some dates the sellers are currently shucking.

Of course, let’s start with the official Blizzard site. Oh..wait. Can’t. They don’t have it for sale yet. It’s entirely possible that it is some marketing gimmick, but if the people who make it don’t have it listed or an official release date yet…

Next up, EBGames. 11/28 is their current stance, and they’re sure of it! Mostly. Well kinda. But they’ll take your money anyway. Also, you can preorder Vanguard (isn’t that 2 years from release?).

Amazon disagrees and says 11/22 is the date. This is the day before Thanksgiving, so should this be the date, people around the world will be awfully sad since mail stops the next day. Postmen want turkey too.

A site called OnlineKeys will give you the CD key on Thanksgiving (11/23), which will only be useful if you have the game downloaded. I wasn’t playing it at the time, but I seem to recall the release’s downloads to be a bit…slow?

NewEgg has it listed, but you can’t buy it. It says PreOrder, but no date listed. But, like everyone else selling games on the ‘net, they’ll have it for sale. Sometime.

Wal-Mart agrees with EBgames, and will let you pre-order it. Those who know Wal-Mart’s stocking policies know that should you show up to your local store a day or so ahead of time, it’s entirely possible that the stockboy has already put it on the shelf. It’s only happened five or six times so far.

eBay has hundreds of them listed, which is entertaining considering no one has one yet. With costs starting at $49.99 and up well into the hundreds, you get someone else’s preorder. Which I’m not really sure how is better than one you can get yourself. Except that you have to wait for them to get it, and then send it to you. Er…ok.

Pork bellies have nothing on this speculation. If I could only get my hands on two, I could sell the other one for (switches to Dr.Evil voice) One…million…dollars!! Or not.

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10 thoughts on “Pin The Tail On The Date”

  1. Haha Yeah, Bestbuy has the preorder date listed as November 30th as well. I’m not sure when BC is going to come out, but my friends who play have a pool going -5bucks gets buys you one day.
    Personally I don’t really care when it comes out just as long as it is sometime within the next 3 months. With all the beta hype being released, I know what BC has in store for my character: new gear, crappy jewelcrafting, and of course, more grinding.

  2. Note that Amazon has different dates for the standard edition and the collector’s edition. Standard is 22-Nov-2006, while Collector’s is 30-Nov-2006. God help me if the Collector’s edition arrives after the standard: my wife will string me up like a corpse in Tirisfal Glades if my copy arrives before hers.

  3. EB will sell you anything that ever played the hype game, but they’ll also allow you to cash out your pre-order deposit, so I don’t worry too much about them. Hell, as things get pushed back (FF12 is the favourite of the moment) I’ll start putting another 10 on it every time I go in, and I’ve got it paid off long before it’s due without ever shelling out enough to notice I have less money.

  4. To add to the confusion, yesterday my local EB gave me a date of December 15 for the CE. Chances are ONE of these guesses will be right, I suppose…

  5. The three highest level zones in Outland haven’t been opened yet and the level cap is still at 67.

    Yesterday in the beta Raids & Dungeons forum Tigole guessed that the next big beta content patch, opening two of those zones and the second to last big raid instance, is 2-3 weeks away. Presumably this will also include raising the cap from 67 to 70.

    He said it was a guess, but it makes those end-of-November dates start to look pretty unrealistic.

  6. Girl at EBWorld storefront swore up and down that the 28th was serious. I, too, am skeptical.

  7. IRVINE, Calif. — Blizzard Entertainment® today announced that the release date for World of Warcraft®: The Burning Crusade™, the highly anticipated expansion for World of Warcraft, will be in January 2007. By adding a few extra weeks to the development cycle beyond its original target date, Blizzard will be able to extend the closed beta test and further refine the new content that will ship with the game.

    “We appreciate the enthusiasm surrounding World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, and we’re excited about putting the finishing touches on all of the new content,” said Mike Morhaime, president and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “We feel confident that the extra time spent polishing the game will result in the high-quality experience that our players expect and deserve.”

    Blizzard began the closed-beta phase of testing on World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade earlier this month. The January 2007 release window will allow extra time for current beta testers to participate in the final stages of development and continue providing valuable feedback.

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