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gw[Guild Wars] Picked up two copies of Guild Wars Nightfall the other day. My wife and I are migrating over from World of Warcraft. It’ll be nice to play something totally new for both of us. I’m not sure what our character names will be but I’ll post a comment below when I do. The [BLOG] guild is mostly empty now, but if anyone is looking to join up with us and understands that they might never see us online, let me know. Otherwise, if we can find an established, mature yet casual guild we might be interested in joining it.

I’m really starting to like the way Guild Wars structures it’s gameplay costs to players. It seems to be pretty friendly to casual time-restricted players like me. Even factoring in the costs of all three boxes, I’ve still paid less that I paid for WoW in about the same amount of time. I also feel no pressure to log in, because I’m not paying for each month. I like it.

– Ethic

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  1. My guild is pretty casual. I certainly don’t have time to play for multiple hours each night, and it’s the same with most of our members. I’m usually on for long periods of time at the weekends. We have a TS server, cape, and hall (currently the Imperial Isle, but we may change it to one of the new Nightfall guild halls). Our hall also has all of the merchants.

    The guild is part of a larger, multi-game guild that also plays WoW and CoH/CoV (mostly CoH/CoV, actually). Not as many play GW though. There are 19 of us on the roster, so we are small.

    I haven’t been hanging out on the TS channel much, but of the few times I have, I haven’t heard too much that was a problem. Someone used “gay” in the derogatory sense, which was irritating, but apart from that, just normal conversation.

    We’re a PvE-focused guild. I don’t think we are large enough or hardcore enough to do much PvP, though I did manage to get four of us to do a little intra-guild scrimmage match in our hall a couple months ago. Loads of fun!

    If you’re interested, I’m an officer. Let me know. :)

  2. PvE-focused, excellent. We may not start playing until this weekend and then I want to see if my wife is interested enough to continue playing. Then we’ll be ready to join a guild I think. Thanks for the offer, it sounds just like what we might like. We’ll see how things go, BLOG is such an awesome guild though. Me, myself and I – and a cape.

  3. Let us know how Nightfall is Ethic. And I here you on the cost vs time appeal of GW. Still, even when I’m pressed for time and can’t log into EVE, I can’t fathom canceling my account!

  4. Ethic: I had the same misgivings about leaving my tinier guild, Callers of Cthulhu [Cthu] composed of myself and a few friends to join a larger guild composed of people I didn’t know and one person I did. But since everyone from my guild all migrated, it wasn’t much of an issue, apart from me being sad about no longer having our neat guild name. I did leave one of my friends, who no longer plays GW, as the leader of Cthu so that the name would be “saved”. :P

  5. The hall and merchants you have are a big draw for me. All we have in BLOG is a cape.

  6. Nightfall … easily the best of the three. And perfect for you and your wife – the new Heroes mean that you can play just the two of you plus them but still have full control of what’s going on (unlike the older henchmen).

    My brother and I play a lot (I’m in UK, he’s in Aust) when we can but often foudn the henchies frustrating. The Heroes … it’s like having 4 characters that you can use all at once :).

  7. I just uninstalled GW along with virtually every other game I had on the hard drive. EvE and CoX remain though I don’t know why I left CoX on.

    I do enjoy grouping though so if something got going and I had time for it I know I would be reinstalling the game :)

  8. I think my wife just finished soloing Nightfall’s storyline missions (with heroes and henchies of course)–if she hasn’t, she’s up to Abaddon’s Gate. She didn’t necessarily want to solo every mission, but she’s had a lot of trouble finding people at or past Sebelkeh–mission courtyards have been empty.

    I haven’t bought copies of Nightfall for my GW accounts yet. I just picked the game up again last night and picked up my R/Me’s Prophecies campaign–I’m going to play through the whole thing instead of skipping to Cantha and ascending quickly.

    Note that in some of the missions (Sebelkleh, for instance) even the heroes flake out and don’t pay much attention to orders. I’m sure many of the missions would have been a lot easier with a second person. One thing that she noted: she found missions easier when she could bring along a high Beast spec Ranger hero.

    Good luck in Nightfall. It’s GW with the difficulty turned up to 11 if you’re not in end-game gear.

  9. My wife has been busy lately so I went on my own for a while, and my son joined me a few times. Mostly just playing around, but the few quests I’ve done have been great. The heroes are wonderful and I’m having a good time. Well, except for this lost ink shipment quest. I found the ink but can’t pick it up to advance the quest. Bah.

  10. I honestly wish my friends would see what I do in Guild Wars. I thoroughly enjoy the “City of” and anticipate being in awe of “LotRO”. I’ve been mostly solo in all three Guil Wars campaigns. That is part of the attraction though. I belong to a guild, but nothing is really expected of me. As a result, I come and go as I please and advance the storyline here and there.

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