A Typical Second Life Moment

[Second Life] My wife has been asked to make a presentation for librarians at Second Life’s Information Island next year. Yes, real professional organizations have meetings in Second Life. She has been logging time to practice and not be a total noob. Also, she has been shopping for cute hair and dresses, though she does not plan to give her presentation as a fairy or in her new Wonder Woman costume.

Information Island is a fun place to network with other librarians. One had a grant to bring public health information online, so they were discussing information architecture and ways to deliver public health resources. Then one librarian said something about her tattoo and nipple piercings. “Sorry, wrong channel.”

I was surprised that was as risqué as it got, not just because Second Life is a cyber-brothel, but because these are librarians we are talking about. If that does not make sense to you, you need to hang out with more librarians.

: Zubon

5 thoughts on “A Typical Second Life Moment”

  1. lol, my mom’s a librarian. I doubt she is into the risque’ stuff…or digital catalouging but still I do know what you mean about libriarians :D

  2. A librarian friend of friend has a t-shirt from a American Library Association that reads, ‘199x ALA Conference: 14,000 librarians in search of alcohol, sex, and cheap reference materials.’

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