Blogger Good News and Bad News

Good news: The California Supreme Court and the Ninth Circuit Court have both held that, under federal law, actively reposting defamatory material does not make you liable for the defamation. That is you may not libel someone, but you can freely repost others’ libel, even if you know the claims are false and tortious. If this interpretation carries in Florida, you are free say anything you like about The Lawyer Who Shall Not Be Named, as long as someone else said it first. (H/T: Volokh)

Bad news: Universal has sued to threatened to sue Myspace, along with fans who they asked to help promote the film Serenity. Maybe I’m confused and Universal Pictures is not connected to Universal Music Group, but if any MMO you write about is connected to any Universal intellectual property, now could be a good time to start deleting those screenshots and reviews.

: Zubon

2 thoughts on “Blogger Good News and Bad News”

  1. alaph’s blood begins to boil………

    1st Amendment anyone? WHO phUqING RUNS OUR MEDIA GROUPS THE TALI BAN?


  2. Universal Music and Universal Pictures used to be attached to each other. Now its kind of a strange relationship, universal pictures merged with NBC, and universal music was bought by Vivendi SA, which owns 20% of nbc universal… or is my understanding.

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