MMOG Throwdown

I was trying to compile a current list of all the MMOGs I have played and this is what I have come up with so far:

A Tale in the Desert 1 (beta)
Anarchy Online & Shadowlands (retail)
Asheron’s Call (retail)
Asheron’s Call 2 (beta/retail)
Auto Assault (beta)
City of Heroes (beta/retail)
City of Villains (beta/retail)
Dark Age of Camelot (retail)
Dragon Empires (alpha/beta – game canceled)
Dungeon Runners (beta)
Dungeons and Dragons Online (beta/retail)
Earth & Beyond (beta/retail – game canceled)
EVE Online (beta/retail)
Everquest (retail)
Everquest 2 (free trial)
Final Fantasy XI (retail)
Guild Wars/Factions/Nightfall (retail)
Horizons (beta)
Irth Online (beta)
Lineage 2 (beta)
The Matrix Online (beta)
Mimesis (beta)
Motor City Online (retail – game canceled)
Neocron (beta)
Planetside (beta/retail)
Saga of Ryzom (beta)
Savage (beta – not quite an MMORPG)
Star Wars: Galaxies (beta/retail)
Toontown (retail)
URU (beta – game canceled?)
WISH (beta – game canceled)
World of Warcraft (beta/retail)
2 Current NDA betas

That’s quite a few, but some of you guys must have longer lists. Let’s see them.

– Ethic

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19 thoughts on “MMOG Throwdown”

  1. Can’t believe you haven’t played:

    Puzzle Pirates

    They’re both free / have free trials. Not fantastic games, but great for broadening your horizons and trying out other forms of gameplay.

    Oh, and

  2. I suppose I could have added Puzzle Pirates, Progress Quest and Kingdom of Loathing as I have played them. Meh.

    In fact, level 82 in Progress Quest right now.

  3. How does one go about being invited to a Beta? I have noticed your long list of MMO’s included many beta versions.

  4. I don’t know any surefire way to get in. In my case, I apply as soon as I hear about beta applications being accepted. I register for the forum on the official site and check in once and a while. I never lie on the application. If I get in, I test the game and provide feedback. I think that helps get me in future beta tests with that company. Also, playing current games by the company probably helps. If it is all purely random, then I have been very lucky.

  5. You also don’t have Shadowbane on your list – another game well worth the download, especially since it’s gone free-to-play.
    And there’s no Ultima Online! Shame on you! Pick up a $0.99 package at your local game store and give it a 30-day run!
    No, Nicodemus, I’m not saying you should only play games that are free. :p
    I *am* saying that if you can get some playtime on a venerable old game with a lot of history and in many cases, experimental features not easily found in new titles, it’s at least worth your time – if not your money – for the experience.

  6. Nope, no Shadowbane and no Ultima Online. UO I have heard a lot of good things about, but I just have not bothered to try it. No real good reason other than the fact I don’t like the visuals. Shadowbane never appealed to me because of the pure PvP. I’d be willing to give it a try as well, if only I had enough time.

  7. You’ve got one of the largest lists I’ve ever seen. Here are the ones I remember.

    Anarchy Online (Retail)
    City of Heroes (retail)
    Dark Age of Camelot (retail)
    Dark Sun Online (Beta/Retail)
    EVE Online (beta/retail)
    Everquest (retail)
    The Matrix Online (retail)
    Neocron (beta/retail)
    Neverwinter Nights AOL (Beta/Retail)
    Planetside (beta/retail)
    Toontown (alpha/beta/retail)
    World of Warcraft (retail)

    I feel fortunate to have skipped duds like UO and

  8. Oops, sorry it looks like you got hit by the “less than sign” cut off. Hope you didn’t lose too much there.

  9. I believe URU is coming back / relaunching:

    Surprised you don’t have Ragnarok Online in there. By the time it was in open beta, it seemed most everyone had tried that slightly odd game.

    My own list is rather short compared to yours and would only add some unusual game betas and the MUD (which generally doesn’t count anyway) that got me started.

  10. In no particular order:

    Everquest II
    Guild Wars
    Second Life
    Anarchy Online
    Asheron’s Call
    Asheron’s Call 2
    EVE Online
    Neocron 2
    Puzzle Pirates
    Saga of Ryzom
    Star Wars: Galaxies
    Ultima Online
    World of Warcraft
    Project Entropia

    Ha! Mimesis Online beta too…gosh that was awful! I thought I was the only person that had even heard of that!

    I think the most notable omissions that I feel I *ought* to have tried, but never quite got round to, are Dark Age of Camelot and City of Heroes. Perhaps D&D Online also. I must say, I’m far more sluggish these days though, and a lot less inclined to try new MMOs than I was. I tend to just cycle through return visits to the better ones I already own nowadays.

  11. Man, I feel like a n00b…

    Anarchy Online

    I’m personally convinced that a Freelancer MMORPG would be like opening a mint, but I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for space sims.

  12. I’m going to obstain from listing because there were so many betas that deserve neither mention nor memory (and some of them got released *cough*ArchLord*cough*)

  13. Eh, ok let’s see here… I’ll keep this to “online” and MMORPGROTFLBBQ’s:

    GemStone III/IV (on AOL, pre internets)
    Meridian 59
    Diablo/Diablo II
    Ultima Online
    Everquest (Beta/retail)
    DAoC (for like, 20 seconds)
    Second Life? Does this count? I ran as soon as I saw a furry.
    NWN (on AOL, pre internets)
    Lineage II (learn to speak Korean yay!)
    World of Warcrap
    Currently in a beta (NDA, all da way!)

    I think I started online with AOL/Prodigy on GemStone in 1992. I started “video games” in the late 70s with space invaders, pac man, etc. GAMER NERD!

  14. Hmm… Let’s see if I can do this. My list matches yours pretty spot on, so I’ll just edit out and add, stuff changed/added marked with >.

    A Tale in the Desert 1 (beta)
    Anarchy Online & Shadowlands (retail)
    > Asheron’s Call (beta/retail)
    Asheron’s Call 2 (beta/retail)
    Auto Assault (beta)
    City of Heroes (beta/retail)
    City of Villains (beta/retail)
    Dark Age of Camelot (beta/retail)
    > Dark and Light (retail)
    Dungeons and Dragons Online (beta/retail)
    > Earth & Beyond (beta – game canceled)
    > EVE Online (beta)
    > Everquest (beta/retail)
    > Everquest 2 (beta/retail)
    > Everquest Online Adventures (beta – yes, the PS2 one)
    Final Fantasy XI (retail)
    Guild Wars/Factions/Nightfall (retail)
    Horizons (beta)
    > Lineage (trial)
    Lineage 2 (beta/freeserver)
    The Matrix Online (beta/retail)
    > Meridian 59 (retail)
    Neocron (beta)
    > Neocron 2 (beta – this was basically just an expansion pack)
    Planetside (beta/retail)
    > Ragnarok Online (beta/freeserver)
    Saga of Ryzom (beta)
    Savage (beta/retail)
    > Second Life (beta/retail – eh… doesn’t really count I guess)
    > Shadowbane (beta/retail)
    Star Wars: Galaxies (beta/retail)
    > The Sims Online (beta)
    Toontown (beta)
    > Ultima Online (retail/freeserver)
    WISH (beta – game canceled)
    World of Warcraft (beta/retail)
    3 Current NDA betas

    Now, if you want to get technical, I can list (some, probably not even all) Korean/Asian-territory MMOs and independant MMOs. Most of these are free to play, or I only beta tested them, so I’ll note if I actually paid for them:

    Dark Ages
    El Kardian
    Endless Ages
    Face of Mankind
    Fung Wan Online
    Furcadia (*shudder* this was back when I was 12 or so and I didn’t know what a furry was. Now I know better.)
    Goonzu Online
    Graal Online
    Hero Online
    Knight Online
    MU Online
    Myth War Online
    Prince of Qin Online
    Priston Tale
    Puzzle Pirates
    RAN Online
    RF Online (japanese beta, and retail)
    ROSE Online
    Rubies of Eventide (beta, and then many years later when they went free to play)
    Silkroad Online
    SUN Online (Japanese beta)
    Space Cowboy
    Thang Online

    I can think of at least 10 or 20 nameless Korean MMOs I’ve played.

    They’re like candy, I play them for an evening, and then forget about them. They’re all the same. I only really play them for the aesthetics at this point in time.

  15. Hard to remember now, but I think the two NDA betas were The Lord of the Rings Online and Vanguard.

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