Tonight’s Bug List

I have a large list of whines from tonight’s attempt to run a Lord Recluse’s Strike Force, so I am just putting them all after the break. Tonight is for venting.

  • Warburg has bugs in getting missiles. One person had a technician stop following him, then declare himself following someone else while refusing to follow anyone.
  • Warburg has bugs in getting missiles. That same person was then unable to get any more technicians, since all the others said he already had one following him.
  • Warburg has bugs in getting missiles. That same person then could not acquire a third code by defeating other players, probably due to the same problem. Instead, those codes disappeared.
  • Warburg has bugs in getting missiles. Other times, codes failed to transfer upon PvP defeats. One player offered me a free code/kill. He lost his code, I failed to gain one.
  • City of Villains’ Corruptors’ Ice Shields cause massive drops in framerates upon zoning. Most of our team re-logged multiple times.
  • Comcast has connection issues. I lost my connection for 30-45 minutes, again. It would re-appear for 10-30 seconds at a time, just long enough to get my hopes up.
  • Comcast has a poor phone system. After pushing the button for internet issues, it routed me to television issues.
  • Comcast has lousy wait times, about 10-15 minutes after being put on hold for internet issues.
  • Comcast has a poor phone system. It routed me to the wrong country. Luckily, Canada can check things and schedule service calls for us.
  • (As a note, Comcast has had these issues here since we moved. They have asked us to replace pretty much everything we own along the line. I convinced the person on the phone that there might be a problem with the Comcast part of the connection, such as the line in. They’ll check that in a week. Nice people.)
  • City of Villains has crash bugs. I got back in time for the last mission, at which point opening my options screen crashed me. Wait for the system to go down, check the image, log back in.
  • City of Villains has click detection issues. Apparently, anywhere I clicked upon entering that last mission sent me back out. The entire screen should not be a blue hand with the option “leave the mission.”
  • City of Villains has crash bugs. Enter the mission, and it crashed. No apparent reason, just crashed.
  • City of Villains has mapserver bugs. Once back in again, after entering the mission, I was unable to move or interact. I could see teammates moving and dying, even some enemies’ attack effects, but I was stuck there. According to my screen, I could move and activate powers. None of them did anything, and I was just standing there, failing to move or log out. (Zoning twice more fixed it. No crashes, woo!)
  • And then one of our brutes crashed upon jumping into the mix with the Freedom Phalanx! Woo!
  • So we wiped, being down a couple of people against most of the Freedom Phalanx. Go to Bloody Bay, refill Shivan Shards, go back. Oh look, the person who got leadership after one of my crashes crashed, too, upon zoning in. Sound loop crash! Whee!
  • Ms. Liberty is currently bugged to rez or partially rez. My pets spent the next bout beating on the corpse-that-had-hit points, refusing to change targets. And so we wiped again. Two heroes left (plus the corpse)! That would be less annoying if one of them had not been at 2% health when we wiped.
  • Long zoning times this time, but no crashes! We’re on a roll, now!
  • And one last bug benefited us: after winning, we beat the corpse into unconsciousness for full AV rewards. Woo! Easy target.

And so we won. Eventually.

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “Tonight’s Bug List”

  1. As for the “anywhere you click upon zoning” thing: that’s camera positioning. What it means is that your camera is sitting right behind the exit doors, which have gone transparent so you can see, but they’re still functional. If you rotate the camera upon zoning, or zoom in, you won’t have that issue (and let me tell you how much it bugged me before I figured that all out, when I’d zone right after getting all my minions fully buffed…).

    Congrats on the victory!

  2. I am aware of the camera positioning. It is a problem that the default camera position upon zoning in is for the transparent door to take up the entire screen. When the “door” is a helicopter, that often means it actually is a transparent part of the area around the helicopter that is clickable, rather than the door itself. Also, the helicopter door itself is not always clickable; from certain angles, you need to click somewhere near or below the door, rather than the door itself. This came up in a previous post about zoning into hazard zones on the Heroes side, where most of the guards/doors are un-clickable, so you aim for the guards’ feet. The monorails are fixed now, so far.

  3. Update: Comcast figured out at some point that it was a general outage, not a problem specific to my connection. And just a 60-hour response time to get that fixed!

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