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  1. 1 million subscribers by the first year. Quite a lofty goal!

    I also find it interesting to see which games/companies they choose to list as competitors.

  2. 1 million subscribers in the first year I don’t think will be a lofty goal by 2010, I suspect the projections are fairly solid based on the fact that the franchise already has x number of fans, with the addition of projected hype and the increased number of MMO players by 2010.
    1 million players in the first year in 2007 would be a lofty goal for any company, but not in 2010.
    It’ll be interesting to see how they do it. The Fallout games have been pretty damn mature (the first 2 anyway), and thus far the most successful MMO’s have been open to all ages. Previous post-apocalyptic MMO, Auto-assault was a flop. Can’t really tell if it was just the game or whether it was a lack of interest in the setting.

  3. You have killed a Radscorpion!
    You have killed a Radscorpion!
    You have killed a Radscorpion!

  4. Ooh, I just realized: this game should have THE QOL feature I want: the kill sheet. That little box in the lower-left of your screen that says you have killed 3 deathclaws, 16 humans, 12 mutants, 124 rats, 17 scorpions, and so on.

  5. I don’t think it will. Much like the casions in Vegas don’t have clocks on the walls, I doubt the developers want anyone realizing they’ve killed 6000 Radscorpions to make it to level 30.

  6. My basement has more post-apoc feel to it than Auto Assault ever did.
    Oh, it’s after the big apocalypse and we don’t have enough food to feed our children, everyone wears loincloths and rags, mutant vermin and plants are killing scavengers who dare to venture outside the hobbled-together cities, but everyone gets a MagicCar(tm) that doesn’t need fuel (!), has a forcefield and auto-aims – and if your car breaks down, within seconds your local AAA sends a helicopter to pick you up and bring you back to one of many repair pads!
    An integral part of post-apoc feel is the absolute dependency on hard-to-find resources, like fresh water or fuel. The Fallout games had this in droves – I was rationing supplies much like you ration ammo in survival horror games. If you won a fight, but you used too many medkits or wasted buckshots in the process, it was hardly a win at all because you knew you wouldn’t survive another day. Auto Assault, on the other hand, had an “Up, up and away!” style of gameplay where failure was never even a possibility.
    Yes, a Fallout MMO could rock (emphasis on could), and I don’t think the potential appeal has anything to do with Auto Assault’s failure. I rather think its potential to capture the post-apoc MMO crowd will be dependent on the relative success of other in-progress games like Fallen Earth.

  7. This is all just Herve from Titus waving his epeen around in a futile attempt to try and secure some cash. The guy considers himself the ultimate wheeler/dealer. IPLY put out an 8k a couple weeks ago saying they were making presentations for $$ in Europe the first 2 weeks of December.

    Of course, Herve has been telling this to insiders since February. But nobody trusts him.

    VAPORWARE ftl!

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