The End Of Steve

EVE[EVE Online] You may remember my post, bragging if you will, about the alliance I belong to producing the first Titan-class ship to the game (at least officially announced). Well now we can also claim to have had the first Titan (named Steve by the way) destroyed. Yeah, that kind of sucks.

The pilot, also the CEO of the alliance, was not at the controls when it happened. How that situation came about, there are many rumors. Only one person knows for sure and he said his computer crashed and could not get back online. No matter what happened, the Band of Brothers alliance found it and destroyed it. Well over 100 billion ISK gone. To make matters worse, the CEO was so upset by the whole event that he decided to step down from the alliance and maybe even the game. Can’t say that I blame him. The Titan cost more than most people in EVE will ever make in their whole time playing.

Saddest thing is, this CEO had been around a long time and helped to create a wonderful alliance. Now he has become so disheartened by what happened that he just cannot bear to keep playing right now. With what might seem quite a tragic event, one could expect the rapid destruction of the alliance created to follow his dreams. Instead, it seems to have fired everyone up and made the alliance become more unified in the goal of defending the area of space that has become home to so many pilots.

Space is a dangerous place. A common piece of advice to new players is to “only fly what you can afford to lose”. This is well proven by the last few days.

– Ethic

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  1. AFAIK, he was at the controls when he was attacked, but was either disconnected or tried to logoff when he got swamped. Judging by the stability of the game post-Revelations, I’d place my bets on the former. Of course, having become something of a BoB associate, myself, my intel might be skewed.

  2. From the abstract point of view from someone who doesn’t even play EVE, this fascinating story serves as a testament to the great design of the game. Space is big, and it is dangerous. Even the most careful, the most prepared, the most allied, the most wealthy are reduced to helplessness in the face of all that the galaxy can bring to bear. Although the outcome appears unpleasant, to have a game that engenders such a strong emotional commitment and epic odyssey is a game that I want to play.

    Thanks for the great story. Are there any videos of this monster in action?

  3. According to an estimate on the forums, the Titan was worth about $15,000 in raw materials alone, if you were to convert them to real cash. That doesn’t include any of the time in vestment involved with researching, skill training, and all other sorts of time investments. Ouch.

  4. I haven’t seen many videos that show the Titan doing much. The doomsday weapon it can fire basically just makes the whole screen white and then (if you are good/lucky) you see 215 ships blow up. Really, it has other non-weapon uses that are more important. The smaller ships see more action. There are some good trailers on EVE Online’s website here.

    Also, the destruction of the Titan is here. Thanks to for leading me to that video clip.

  5. outside of the ISK, mats and skills learning, what else was involved in the construction? Did other corp members have to build subcomponents or contribute in any other way? I only ask because I bet they felt the loss as well. Not just morale etc. Since it took 6-8months (?) to construct, I’d say it was a pretty big loss for the whole corp.

    That’s a topic for you guys for the future: what kind of loss occurs with something like this, where there is so much player time and dedication required to create? It’s not like a raid progression, because it’s not like you can have to repeat earlier unlocks. The loss of Steve I bet is a much bigger deficit on the corp. There’s no real economy of scale here in the hope to make an other (?).My regrets to you all.

  6. Unfortunately EVE can not and probably will never be able to support battles where a Titan will be useful. It’s a huge and IMHO worthless investment. As an AFK part of the alliance that spawned this I was glad to see them create the Titan before BoB, but I can’t say I would have donated any of my time to help.

    EVE is lauded for it’s great design, but I think the Titans are just a waste of CCPs time and resources. It proved to be about worthless when you consider the amount of firepower you could of bought/built with the ISK/materials spent.

    Doing something first is great, but the fact is in EVE it is all about being efficient and ganking. For all the greatness in EVE there is one lagging point for me. The focus on bigger, better, and more epic battles when we know the servers can not support it. Spreading the playerbase out into more useful, fun, and smaller battles will make the game better IMHO.

  7. I love hearing about this stuff. I love the idea of EVE Online, but I know I’d hate playing it, so this is fun stuff to hear about.

    Still, though, what a way to lose something like that. That’s why aircraft carriers always have a fleet and thousands of people protecting them… and all they do is launch planes. (Although that’s a huge tactical advantage.)

  8. I have to agree with zurn. Everytime I watch a video or hear a story about EVE, I have to fight the urge to run out and build my own ship. I tried EVE for 2 weeks, and the thought of being a mine bot in space for 3 months stopped me dead in my tracks.

    Losing the Titan had to be painful in my opinion. A ship that big and powerful-even if it is useless as heartless stated- is just about the coolest reward I have ever heard of. It makes the weapons of WOW seem trivial.

    Other MMO’s can learn alot by watching EVE IMO because building that ship had to be a massive guild effort; something that MMO’s like WOW should implement because WOW’s whole all for one one for myself combo is getting old.

  9. Good news for the new guys to EVE, new characters start out with 800,000+ skillpoints now. That is enough to skip the mining drudge if you wish. Go all combat and have fun. It is a pretty big deal to be honest. And I’ll be happy to help any new characters with some starter funds. Come back here and post your character’s name and I’ll send you a little something. What are you waiting for? heh

    Free 14-day trial here.

  10. Hmmm, I may just have to give EVE another look. WoW is in shambles right now so EVE may be just what I am looking for to bridge the gap while I wait for Vanguard.

  11. “Every character that has less than 800.000 SP will receive skills until he has more than 800.000 SP. Characters created a week before we patch will thus have the same amount of SP as new characters, or more. They will naturally also have the advantage over completely new characters of more ISK and of course experience.

    The upside of giving every character this treatment (including inactive characters sharing accounts with a “main” character) is that everybody feels the love. Players that have been playing for a while will always have an advantage on freshly created characters, be it in ISK or simply in gaming experience. ”

  12. wolfgangdoom: You better believe some of the stuff in EVE makes WoW weapons look trivial. IIRC, the Titan took 9 months to build – partly because due to the secrecy involved. 99% of ASCN members were not even aware what was going on – they thought they were mining/building for different projects (smaller capital ships, stations, POSs and so on) and a large chunk of cash/minerals was raised simply in taxes collected from player-built ASCN space stations.
    In EVE, nothing major can really be had by yourself. Capital ships, mining outposts, even higher-end combat vessels – you would be grinding away in the asteroid fields almost full-time just to handle the upkeep. On the other hand, if you have a corp working for a common goal, a few hours a week is all that’s required for each member to feel as if they’ve accomplished large things. That’s where EVE has an upper hand on the ego-centric MMOs like WoW. Since recent wisdom suggests that MMOs are all about community building, I cannot fathom why more MMOs don’t adopt EVE’s scale and systems.

  13. Wow, skip the mining phase? Dangit, you’ve made me consider it! I still have reservations about some things, but the mining bot part was really the number one sucky aspect of it, which prevented even exploring anything else in the short term.

    Is there a good skill-preview website/program somewhere, like the talent calculators for WoW? Maybe even a guide to what to take for various occupations, like merchant-fighter, trader, mercenary, pirate, super-miner or whatnot?

  14. >I cannot fathom why more MMOs don’t adopt EVE’s scale and systems.

    If a crash can wipe it all out I don’t think many people would put up with it too long. And whether the loss of Steve was actually due to a crash or not, it could’ve been.

  15. Zurn,

    You can dowload Evemon here:

    It’s a stand-alone Windows app that lets you plan character skill progression. It also has a browser that shows every single skill, ship and module in the game and will figure out what skills you need to use them.

    I consider it a vital part of my Eve gameplay.

  16. Evemon looks very nice, except I can’t find a blank character xml to download. Any idea where to get one?

  17. I’ve exported one of my characters and cleared out the XML file to make the mighty “Blankboy”

    Where can I email it to you?

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