Cancel Comcast

I just spent 56 minutes and 32 seconds on the phone to Comcast customer service. About 56 minutes of that was spent on hold. At about the half-way point, someone answered, asked how he could help me, then said he was transferring me to the right department. He sent me back to the original voice prompt that you get when you call. Around the 56:20 point, someone answered, asked for the number where I have service, then disconnected me with a BEEP.

So tomorrow, I am calling back to cancel service, assuming anyone will answer the phone. My next call will be for DSL.

Thank you. That was vaguely cathartic.

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “Cancel Comcast”

  1. Stupid Comcast.. I ordered an on demand movie last week and every 20 minutes, a message would pop up to let me know that the network was down and to try again later. That was quite frustrating considering the fact that I was watching V for Vendetta, a two and a half hour long movie.. I thought about calling to complain, but then I remembered the last time I called that company-I sat on hold for 30 minutes- so I decided I would just never order another on demand movie.

  2. Folks, the complaints are too common and at too many locations, what that tells you is they don’t give a damm about their customers. I guess they have adopted the habits of their largest stock holder ATT.
    My advise will be avoid these people…

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