Friday Wanderings

The wife and I are still playing World of Warcraft. We gave Everquest 2 a try, but she really did not care for it. She didn’t like the look of it and she hated all the extra clicks it seems NPC quest givers require. I’d almost say she hated the look of the game to be honest. We went back to WoW, but since I lost any interest in the queue on Doomhammer, we looked for a quieter server and landed on Undermine. We’ll see how long this lasts before we get a queue but so far so good. This time we both started a Night Elf Hunter. As a duo, we are just destroying everything in our path and we don’t even have pets yet.

Of the two beta tests I am in, one of them is collecting dust and the other one just keeps getting more and more enjoyable. Because of this, my time normally spent in EVE Online (which I was playing when the wife didn’t want to play) has dropped to nothing. I think it’s time to take a break from EVE for a while. Not sure if or when I’ll go back, but I’ve lost all desire to play it right now.

Lots of holiday family stuff coming up and also a family vacation, a trip to Disneyworld. Going to be busy for a while. Here’s hoping your holidays bring you lots of joy and good memories!

– Ethic

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6 thoughts on “Friday Wanderings”

  1. A pair of Hunters is brutally effective. Just stay far enough apart that a mob pulled off the Pets will only shut down the Ranged DPS of one of you, or neither if you both FD as the Mob breaks. Until you get Pets (and it shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours to ding 10) you just stay far enough apart that one of you can always do Ranged DPS then you just play Ping Pong with the Mob.

    If you couldn’t tell, I love the Hunter class ;)

  2. Is the one beta test you are finding more enjoyable the one I think it is?

    Happy Holidays. Enjoy your raid on Disneyworld.

  3. If you think it’s the one that I think you think it is, I have not played that one in a long time and your post reminded me to give it another try. So I guess that means I am playing 3 betas…

  4. As to the Eve thing, in case you were unaware you no longer continue to train if your account goes inactive/not paid.

  5. As far as I have read, that is not true. Either way, it makes no difference to me. Here is the last patch note regarding that issue I’ve seen:

    “On the Serenity server, skills no longer train when the owning account is deactivated. Tranquility is not affected by this change.”

    I think the patch note you are referring to was incorrect and changed to the above statement.

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