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January 30, 2007


San Diego, CA – January 11, 2007 – Sony Online Entertainment and Sigil Games Online today announced that the upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game Vanguard: Saga of Heroes will be released to retail outlets across North America and Europe on January 30, 2007, for the suggested retail price of US$49.99. A limited edition is also available for a suggested retail price of US$89.99.

Currently in beta, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes features vibrant environments reminiscent of oil paintings, a robust character customization tool and three distinct spheres of advancement in a seamless world without zoning or instancing. The immersive fantasy world is comprised of three massive, uniquely-themed continents for players to discover new creatures, new items and unlimited adventure. Players have complete freedom to roam the world whether flying dragons to islands in the sky or riding swift steeds to exotic lands.

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11 thoughts on “Vanguard Launch Date”

  1. Yeah, you guys are going to have your hands full. Too bad there’s not going to be an official Vanguard forum, that place would probably give you material for years…if the game lasts that long.

  2. Now if only I played WoW or Vanguard. I guess I’ll need to keep yammering about nothing for weeks at a time.

  3. Zubon there is no rule that says you need to play a game to talk about it. The entire merit of the blogging community lies within your opinion regardless of firsthand experience. You are a reporter of the community, about the community, and for the community. You are more than welcome to share your thoughts on the rumblings that will be heard the world over!

  4. Ok, enough tongue biting. I don’t see anything really new or innovative in TBC. People are scraping the bottom of the barrel going on about 25-man raids, or new queues, or new honor points, etc. It’s all new flavored WoW is all. They raised the level cap is all with a new zone. That’s it. And Vanguard has some interesting new designs, but it won’t be robust or playable solidly for probably near a year. I mean, come on — we’ve all been here before. It may be a great game, and at heart there are some neat novel things I will want to try. But not till it’s ready for prime time.

    Funny thing is there already are great MMO’s out there now that probably should get better coverage. Witness EQ2 and CoX, or Eve, or DAoC and SWG even. I don’t have any history with Sigil or Vanguard, but I won’t be playing it for a year+. Sounds good but definitely needs serious bake time in prod.

  5. I was in Vanguard beta. I won’t be playing it any time soon, if ever. Not for me. More of the same, with graphics I just couldn’t get excited about. Burning Crusade, not for me either. The wife and I only just hit level 18, I see no reason for us to rush off and buy an expansion that really offers us nothing.

    Sigil couldn’t take the time to polish and it’s a big mistake. WoW was ready to go for months before they released, IMO. Their beta test was in better shape than most games are at release. That is the model all should follow if they want to have a chance at competing.

  6. I beta’d vanguard… twice. I joined in Beta 1 and dilligently posted thoughts, suggestions, bugs etc, as any good little tester should. I saw basically no improvement in a six week period in terms or graphics, playability and server stability. I quit in frustration.

    I then reinstalled during Beta 3 to give it another go and see where they had gotten too. I had heard from some sources that they were very close to an Open Beta announcement. So I spent the 20 hours DL and installing the client which had grown noticably since my last excursion into Vanguardland…

    The game was the same pile of refuse it was when I left it. Great innovations, great ideas, poorly executed, poorly designed and reminicient of EQ1. Even the graphics are in a sad state, assuming you can even play with them turned on.

    That was two weeks ago…

    Now they are 15 days from release of a game that can’t stay online for more than 24 hours without an outage…

  7. Myself and ~15 co workers are leaving EQII and WOW to get into VG. We’ve been in Beta 4 and 5 so we know what we are getting into. For us the fact it is new and different is the appeal. We realize the game will take 10 to 12 months to iron out. Our expectations are low, we have patience and because of that we beleive our enjoyment of VG will be high.

  8. Waiting on VG and BC isn’t a bad idea. I’m sure in a month or two one or both will be cheaper if not half the price, and have the nastier bugs beaten into submission.

    I’m a WoW player, but I am dreading the expansion more than looking forward to it. I can see what it’s done to my guild already, and it’s not even out yet! Plus there are some simply massive timesinks in it that send me down memory lane to EQ.

    I continue to play because I just can’t enjoy an RPG without at least some other player interaction anymore. I play a few on the portable game consoles, and they good for short-term entertainment, but for feeling like I’m actually in “a world”, I need that online experience.

    I’ll be sure to blog about my BC adventures. I know the first post title already: “Hey, you Burnt my Crusade!”

  9. I’m in the open beta for Vanguard right now. It’s a decent game. Graphics aren’t as bad as I thought. The world appeals to me a lot more than WoW’s. Can’t say much about gameplay right now. Haven’t really cracked the group gameplay yet. Still pretty much soloing (actually I’m duoing, but it’s making it very easy). Some quests have been incredibly cool.

    Course there’s bugs a plenty, as expected, and the graphical problems I’m hoping are going to be worked out. I’m running the game at the most graphically appealing yet decent performace wise I can, and I get 20 FPS or less outside in large towns. These are towns that are yet to be filled with tons of people. The settings are either just not complete or they aren’t giving enough options, because there doesn’t really seem to be any medium settings, just good looking or crap.

    Diplomacy seems a little gimmicky so far. It’s basically a card mini-game. Haven’t cracked crafting. Played as a Paladin and Necromancer so far. Have more fun on my Paladin (though necromancer is easier). It’s decent…I’ll play it but not sure if I’ll stick with it if the graphical problems persist after beta.

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