Elves in Space

Here we are on the morning of BC release. To the best of my knowledge, thus far at least, there were no pocket-protector related injuries at any of the GameStops who opened last night at midnight to sell Burning Crusade to people who simply couldn’t wait to roll their elf or lizard draenai. I found it amusing that many, including my local one, promoted this opening with “character dress contests and pie”.

Ah pie.

My server’s first Blood Elf (a mage, of course), was summoned to Orgimarrrrrrrrrr about 11:30pm CST, and then proceeded to duel everyone, while shouting “I’m an elf!”. More BC news as it becomes available, or as the servers melt down.

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5 thoughts on “Elves in Space”

  1. Went to GameStop last night to pick up mine…there was a line out the door. I said screw it since all I wanted to do was get it early so I could install and have it ready to play today. Went and picked it up about an hour ago. Much better than waiting in the cold while it’s drizzling out…Seriously, it’s just WoW, people.
    *gets punched in the face*

  2. My wife decided that we should use our Christmas Best Buy gift cards to buy two copies, so I hopped online and ordered them to be picked up at the local store. I assumed it would be a week or two. To my surprise they emailed right away so I went in and picked them up. They had a LOT of copies available.

    I didn’t really want to do it, but we are having so much fun playing together that I didn’t care. We will probably try to go back to my brother’s server so we can bug him once and a while. (I just called him and he told me he is currently level 63. Big rush to be the first to the new level cap I guess. Whatever floats your boat.)

    Anyone know how far one can level in the new areas? I am hoping for 20ish.

  3. Rumor is they are fairly flush with content until 20 when it stops dead. And if I was informed correctly, the elf newbie area exits out into a fairly nasty area of the plaguelands. I’m assuming that’s wrong…

    Mine was delivered to my house about 30 min ago. The second I get hom, I have to leave, so it won’t be installed until much later, and I expect ~1 hour of play time tonight. That said, I’m stunned to hear a 63 already. That means there’s a huge exp nerf coming, just you watch.

  4. That new guide must be amazing, I Keep hearing about it! It seems like on every thread someone mentions it!

    Seriously about 1 minute after making my Belf I had to turn off /General and /yell, it was like Barrens Chat x 1 million

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