I Pity Her

I received the following message: “[Tell]NAME: do u have timothy raymand???”

Part of me wants to send an unhelpful message back, or taunt him with the fact that I know exactly what he wants but have already exhausted it. I want to explain to this poor, delicate soul what impression you create when you want something from someone but cannot be bothered to capitalize, spell it correctly, or be polite. If you are going to spam everyone in a level range, you can take the time to write out something like, “/tell $target, Excuse me, but I am looking for the Exterminator badge mission (Eliminate Kit’Vul), which I need to finish an accolade. By any chance do you have it or the contact Timothy Raymond available?” Maybe if I just mentioned the effect created by using three question marks?

But mostly I am thinking that this fellow is going to get a date someday. Some poor girl is going to look at him and think, “This is really the best that I can do.” My heart aches for her.

: Zubon

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