Sharding Ur Purplz

wow[World of Warcraft] After a fun (not) day at work, I came home to find my house fairly calm, and decided before something went crazy, I’d attempt to get into WoW. Rule #4 in the husband handbook: Play now, for soon you shall have honey-do’s up the ying-yang. I’m paraphrasing, of course.

After getting onto WoW, without a queue I might add, I was presented with a bevy of links from guildmates showing off their new trinkets. These BC quest givers could probably solo Naxx with the armories they are dipping into.

A friendly guildmate tried repeatedly to make me stop going “Geez, that’s better than my purple from raid/dungeon mob X!” You simply have to get over it, but it’s hard. A staff I got for no more than 10 minutes of effort beat items I had gone on dozens of raids for and wielded proudly. Other pieces of my gear began to fall as well. An hour in, I’d replaced my main and off hands, my pants, my wand, a ring, my head, and I have a simple quest to finish to replace my shoulders.

Oh, and let’s not forget the cash. Or the experience.

Doing the first quest, which was ~50 feet from the quest giver, I made 3g in junk drops. Another quest had me turn between two people three times for 10k exp each time and a few gold. It’s crazy, but good. I really enjoyed WoW’s quest focus, and it’s stronger now. Will I be jaded when I have to bring my alt parade through? Quite possibly…but for now it’s fresh and new. And laggy. Oh the lag. It hurts. Instances are your friends.

And speaking of instances, one final observation. Our group, a very atypical group had a great time in the first dungeon, and just didn’t have the tankage for the dragon and wiped several times. We each died a few times besides. Come time to run, my gear was at 25%, and it was with a heavy heart and a weary pocketbook I went to the blacksmith for repairs. I knew this was going to be many gold – I’m no stranger to long raid wipe nights, etc. Then, my final surprise of the night: my repair bill.

26 silver. Wooo, gotta love them greens!

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4 thoughts on “Sharding Ur Purplz”

  1. lol was wondering if/when my repair bill would drop, i’m still sporting 5 pieces of GS so the repair bill is hurting for sure.

    Surprised they didn’t make repair costs dependent upon item level as opposed to rarity.

  2. As far as the alt aspect, I leveled a Draenei from 1-20 since the release. I haven’t played in Outlands at all. But from what I can tell you is that the beginning area is way more centered around telling a story through quests.

    There are now more interesting quests as well. At one point you can get an epic mount for 15 minutes at level 10 for a quest. At another you turn into an animal and enter a dream world type state. You can fight a full sized dragon boss, and have your character learn the Furbolg language.

    At the end of a long quest, you even get a ceremony in your honor. Here you receive a special tabard and a spiffy ring of your choice. It made the reroll process very enjoyable. The only problem was that after level 20 there are no new quests. You will be forced back into the same old you had before rather than everything being new.

    So at least starting your new character will be enjoyable.

  3. Over ont he Blood Elf side, I’ve gotten to 23 with my BE paladin. There’s some great stuff in there. There are one or two very strong narrative threads through the Ghostlands (the 10-20 zone), and it helps that it “feels” like you’re helping to restart a town there. The missions give faction for the town and eventually you can start buying some good gear, including a 16 blue cape (+7 stamina) off of one of the vendors int he town. All in all, I’d say the BE experience has been my favorite ones, jsut edging out the Undead and Human ones.

    I’m looking forawrd to progressing on the Draenai side, but I hit somethign that irritated the hell out o f me: you can only learn skinning after you learn the furbolg langauge, which the guards don’t mention when they send you down the road to grab the skill. Other than that, I’ve found the Draenai storyline so far gives a very good “stranger in a strange land” feel.

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