Getting Warmer

wow[World of Warcraft] aka The Lukewarm Crusade: Day 3

We had a really good time playing our Blood Elves last night. The quests around Silvermoon City are quite fun. My wife continued her social experiments, this time with someone whispering to her asking if she checked her mailbox yet. She did, only to find out that she has been given gifts! Lots of gifts. Her latest says he is 35 and married with 4 kids. So perhaps his intentions are simply to help out a new player. All I know is that nobody is giving me gifts. Isn’t my Blood Elf fancy enough? At least she promised to share her gifts with me.

We had a quest to eliminate a “spy” located at the North Sanctum. We traveled out, wondering what our “spy” might look like. The orders were to eliminate the spy without being seen to avoid the shame of allowing a spy to infiltrate our little club. We arrived at the Sanctum and looked around, finding the dead body of a dwarf. Someone already got to the spy first. Good thing another spy with the same name will show up soon so we can fulfill our orders.

As we were standing there with about 5 other people, I asked “Is this the line to secretly kill the spy?” which generated some good laughs and we all decided to team up for the assassination process. Time ticks by and still no spy. Eventually, someone gets bored enough to go look around and we find the spy outside. After talking to him he heads inside and towards the heavily armed group of people, oblivious to our intent. Assassination complete! Who would have guessed that the dwarf would be a spy?

One of the quest rewards was a two-handed sword that was as tall as my character. Final Fantasy, meet World of Warcraft. At least we can laugh at it. In fact, we find ourselves laughing at the game a lot lately and I guess that is a good thing because fun is fun, right?

Hard Core Brother Update: Level 70 at 3AM this morning.

– Ethic

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3 thoughts on “Getting Warmer”

  1. Can he identify the sun given 3 guesses?

    I’m somewhat itching to try out the newbie areas, but I’m having a fun time questing. Besides the annoying dragon who I think I figured out the trick on now, the instances are nice and short. There’s a great benefit to that for people who play on a limited basis.

    Enjoy the sword, Cloud! =)

  2. If the BE area quests are like the Dranai ones you should def roll a newbie Oz. I have run a few really cool quests with my newbie shaman. The mos tmemorable one so far being the Totem quest that gives you some rather neat short term buffs, and turns you in to an animal, bah hard ot describe, but trust me much better than anything in the other newbie areas. Then there’s the one where you get turned in to a tree, then the one that gives you an Epic mount for a short bit of time at level 11 or so.

    Just cool stuff all around

  3. On the flip side, though, there are the Bomber runs in HP and when you make it to 66-68 you can ride a dragon in Old Hillsbrand, fight beside Thrall in the Caverns of Time and so on…

    Good time, good times

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