Casual BC @ 60+: 5 good things

wow[World of Warcraft] Overall, after managing to install the game, I’ve had a fairly good time in The Burning Crusade. Seasoned gaming vet that I am, there’s stuff I feel they fell down on, but overall I’m happy. Today, the top 5 good things I’ve found, in no intelligible order.

*Use of player classes- This is based on dungeoneering, since any WoW class can solo. In the few dungeons I’ve been in, there’s been something that we’ve said “you know, X class would really benefit us here”. None of these are a need, per se – you can win without them – but they would make a particular aspect easier. Additionally, I’ve had a warrior, druid, shammie, and even a hunter (horde, so no pallies…yet) tank in these instances successfully. It’s great to not have to be waiting for a warrior.

*Item equalization- Came into BC with crummy gear? No worries! Doing a few quests will likely get you geared up pretty nicely. Items are prevelant, and varied.

*Trainers in starting town- A nice touch, especially since most people zoning in wanted to start skilling right away. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for people to ride 1 minute to get the first aid book, but others will disagree, I’m sure.

*Eye candy- The landscape of Hellfire is a bit annoying, and BurningLands-esque, but there’s enough newness to push me over. The other zones are just gorgeous, and dungeons are immersive. I used to enjoy DeadMines and that werewolf castle near UC strictly because they are so fun to sightsee in. The new dungeons remind me of that.

Quest/instance exp – Last night I finished the last available quest I could find in Hellfire. This includes the hidden cave behind the town, the Cenarion people, the outpost near there, Falcon’s Watch, the armory, and a few other random quest givers I ran into. Sitting at 63.25. That’s STV kind of questing. Instances give noticable exp, which is nice. Grinding a level out while making progress? Preposterous!

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2 thoughts on “Casual BC @ 60+: 5 good things”

  1. I really like the enemy design in BC. It’s much more varied and unique. Many of the enemies seem to have their own characteristics, while before they were pretty bland, both in how enemies looked and their class types.

    For example, some of the caster type voidwalkers in Hellfire would adhere to the first element shot at them. As a mage, I could control them by putting up my fire ward and opening the fight with a fireball. That would cause them to cast fire spells and be fairly immune to fire damage, so that then I could proceed to kick its ass with frost spells (my spec).

  2. Ha, is that what they do? I figured they were all just built with the 75% shadow resist buff. My alt lock will benefit from your information! I just avoided the caster ones for my quest…

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