Casual BC @ 60+: 5 bad things

wow[World of Warcraft] Keeping with my recently established theme, here’s a list of 5 things that your average casual player in BC is probably not all that fond of. Agree, disagree, fire your gun in the air, it’s all a matter of opinion, right? Tomorrow: part 3 – 5 things I hope to see soon in the expansion.

*Faction – As soon as I stumbled into Hellfire, I noticed the Thrallmar vendor. The next day when I stumbled into Shat-something, I found another half dozen of them. Last night, more. Faction grinding does not content make. I feel for all the people who suffered through Timbermaw (I refused to), and all the other factions. I did AD and FW (pre BG craziness) on my priest and hated the long days of grinding it required. This is why for the first few days there were roaming bands of people capturing the Hellfire towers over and over. 250 faction a pop, and you need Revered to Exalted to unlock a dungeon. As of this recent hot patch, it’s now down to 10 faction a pop, which makes the grind even worse. Aldor/Scryer? So now I have to make a choice as to which friends I can play with? I despise faction when it’s an iron wall like this. It divides guilds and friends. When faction is a flavor it’s fine, but when you have to make a choice that means grouping with your friends will hurt you, that’s bad. Velious dragons vs giants vs dorfs. Brilliant in design, proven to be poor in actual use, later quests added to make the choice pointless (dragons had all the good stuff and the dorfs always liked you, if you weren’t here at that time).

*Mudflation – Required to say this every expansion of every game. The massive stat jump on items is hard to disagree with. Compare an original game 60 item and a green BC 60. You’re looking at a doubling of the stats. Fear the +600 stamina on my staff come next expansion.

*Copy and paste quests- Most people have done the parts quest in Thousand Needles. I’ve done it 6 times, now 7 and 8 with BC. I realize that quests will tend to follow a pattern and be similar, but when they are lifted whole cloth from another popular quest…that’s just lazy. There’s quite a few like that.

*Lack of logic in some quests – I realize it may seem like I’m nitpicking here, but there are many quests that have a good story, or at least a funny one. They have a reason to be. There are a great many quests in the beginning town that pay 10k+ exp to walk 10 feet from the quest giver and get something. I get the impression these were put in to just make people go “Hey, BC is full of quests! Look how easy!” I feel stronger about that now having moved on to another zone and the quests are much more annoying.

*PvP over-emphasis – Here’s where the fun line in the sand is. Personally, I can’t stand pvp, normally. I did, however, enjoy AB matches for strategy, and the chaos of a well-played AV battle. Beyond that though, I avoided it. The tower quest in EFP I did, and I had an alliance person right behind me who helpfully waited for me to tag the tower, then re-flagged it when I left. Horde is always outnumbered 2:1, this is a statistical fact. On any given area where PvP is required, you can expect the Horde to lose more than it wins. The fact that there are towns and vendors that are inaccessable if you do not have an area pvp-controlled is stupid when it’s on a PVE server. On a PvP one, I can understand, although respectfully think at this point in time that it’s a bad idea. I’m not saying that it should be easier for horde, but by its current design, there’s a lot of content that 1/3 of the user base is being locked out of, simply because people want to be “good guys”, as the alliance people are viewed.

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6 thoughts on “Casual BC @ 60+: 5 bad things”

  1. Eww… and to think I almost bought it an reactivated my account, yesterday. All I can say for the game is that the 10k+ xp walking quests are probably there to give people who’ve been 60 a long time a bit of a boost, given that they’ve probably long exhausted the majority of the quest xp for their level.

  2. 1. Did you wipe that shat you stumbled in off your boots?

    2. PvP overemphasis? While I am not playing right now that is a reason to get me playing. WoW lacked conflict and I need conflict to stay interested. I don’t agree you should be thrown into it, but I fully believe you should have to be around it. If you don’t want direct involvement then you should be able to bypass it, but not be immune while doing so.

  3. Conflict is fine as flavor, especially for people who want it. However, I take exception when I specifically pick a PvE server to find out basic goals cannot be accomplished without zonewide PvP.

    Perhaps it’s just because I play horde, and statistically speaking, I can expect zones to be in Alliance hands most of the time.

  4. I think world PvP objectives were put into the game to balance the advantage the horde have in battlegrounds. Sure alliance will tend to hold world pvp objectives but they have to wait 10-40 minutes to get into through a battleground queue. Plus the level 70 battleground armor is very nice and better then most world pvp rewards.

    If you really want balanced pvp just look forward to the Arena system where alliance and horde teams will find themselves also battling the same faction. Since it has a matching system and points are based off opponent rankings it should be one of the fairest pvp systems to date.

  5. I’m still recovering from the stroke I suffered while grinding Timbermaw to exalted, so to hear that I now have to grind my life away just to enter an instance really pisses me off. Not much I can do about it other than complain. I believe my Uncle said it best “Life is a shit sandwhich, and the good days are when you only have to take one bite”.

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