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wow[World of Warcraft] Since I last left you, our blood elf hunter duo has reached level 21. On the way there, we have had several really fun moments. It’s amazing how much more I am enjoying this game with my wife at my side.

When we were night elf hunters, my wife tamed a ghost saber as a pet when she was level 20. There are these little cat figurines in Darkshore and we kept picking them up. Eventually, a see-thru cat spawned and attacked us. We wondered if we could tame it so we spent another hour trying to get one to spawn. Eventually we did get one trained. Not long after, it dropped dead and we didn’t know what to do. She tried to rez him and it worked. Guess it is some kind of bug, but anyway I digress.

She wanted to get one of these ghost sabers for her new blood elf character so we decided to make a quest out of it. It was a long trip and I took some wrong turns but we only died once on the way. As we got closer, I saw the white bear “Grimclaw” that is part of a quest for the alliance. It looked like we could attack him so I figured I would. Little did I know that it would flag me for PVP. We decided to find somewhere to hide until the flag was gone and luckily nobody saw us. Our luck was still with us as we got the ghost saber to spawn on the third try and she tamed it. Later I realized we could have used the ice trap to help with the taming, but at least we know about it for the next pet we tame.

As for me, I tamed “Echeyakee”, a white lion that you summon during a quest near the Crossroads. I was going to get “The Rake”, but decided I wanted a white lion instead. Neither are that unique, but I like the look of the maned lion.

Last night found us inside Deatholme. We had several quests in there and we had no problem with them, even taking down “Dar’khan Drathir” with the aid of a level 27 character that was farming faction (whatever that means). At one point, we were fighting something named Mr. Fluffingbubble or something like that. He hit me with a poison that shrunk me down to mini-me size. We started laughing so hard we almost got wiped. I spent the next 10 minutes of the poison’s duration talking like I had inhaled helium.

I’m thinking of starting our own guild just for players like us, casual – social – goofing off – not in any hurry to level, but so far coming up with a guild name has been the hard part. Regardless, we have met several people and spend a lot of time just talking to them. Until next time…

– Ethic

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  1. Just as an FYI, the reason the ghost saber died on you is that it spawns with a timer. It still has the timer on it when you tame it, but not after it’s been rezzed. Whether that’s a bug or not is debatable…

  2. If your’re serious about starting your own guild, make sure to do your homework and lay the groundwork before-hand:
    1. In-game, you’ll want to make a tabard and you’ll need 10 signatures to start the guild. *Do not* get signatures from random people, unless you want your guild to start off on the left foot…
    2. You’ll also need to decide on title names for the GL (Guild Leader), officers, class leaders and whichever other official/member positions you want to have.
    3. In-game, thinking ahead, make a few alt chars that will be able to serve as guild banks.
    4. Out-game, you’ll want to setup a website with at least a forum, news section, guides, *rules* and if you have the time and the website can support it, bonus features such as WoWRoster (

    Make sure especially to think about the rules: guild structure, guild bank, raid specific rules if you intend to raid, member conduct, trial membership rules, the list goes on. Sure, being blurry and general can save you work in the short term, but in the long term, it’s better to be specific and save on the guild drama ;)

    Good luck!

  3. I love goofy guild names and have started a couple for the alts of me and my friends. If your going to make a casual guild then your name should reflect that you just want to have fun.

    Some of the small guilds names I like.

    Do Not Panic – Douglas Adams reference
    Little Garden Monsters – All Gnomes
    Spaceballs the Guild – our GL rank was President

  4. Speaking of guild names…

    I always wanted a guild of nothing but lvl 19 twink NE hunters (or BE hunters now), all with the pink plainstrider tamed, called Pink Flamingos.

    That, or a guild named Gordito Cheetos, just cuz it sounds funny. >.>

  5. Some guild names to consider:

    – Cake or Death (there are a few CoD’s across servers)
    – Patch Day Blues
    – Inspects Your Honor
    – Straight Outta Goldshire
    – Dun Morogh Cowtippers
    – Squirrel Spetznaz
    – Nigerian Scammers LTD
    – Radioactive Confetti
    – LOL
    – Aeternis Caerebearis
    – Yet Another Guild
    – Ironforge Plumbing LLC
    – Corpse Runners
    – For Gold and Purples
    – Bank Alt
    – Just One Calorie
    – Guild of Devs

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