Why Do I Do This?

I have re-subscribed to EVE Online, but Empire space palled within a week and I am not ready for (or really interested in) the PvP areas. This may be my last month here ever. But I am religiously making sure that I do not waste skill points, carefully switching skills as appropriate. Why?

On a different front, I have a new little free browser-based game, Rule the Seas. I know that I will tire of this fairly quickly, as I have flirted with a dozen of them. Kingdom of Loathing is the only one I keep going back to. Don’t get me wrong, there are worse things in the world than being a pirate of the high seas in a shallow, text-based world that revolves around soliciting donations and one-click PvP. It will be amusing for a little while, which is about all I can ask. But why is it interesting to click through some levels in these things? I have already done the math to figure out the system, so it is just a matter of making a few clicks every 20 minutes if I want to play.

Do I just want a database somewhere out there to register, “click, Zubon is hereby a slightly cooler guy”?

: Zubon

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  1. I think you make a mistake by dividing EVE up into “PvP areas” and “non-PvP areas”. For all intensive purposes every zone in EVE is a PvP area. Player vs. Player interactions take place everywhere. PvP is not just “killin’ and gankin’ “.

    With that said; you can avoid trouble by playing it smart. Do some research on where you want to go and what you want to do. If you want to mine 0.0 space… you probably need a few friends. If you want to ‘rat in 0.5 space you know you can’t be ganked unless you are griefed by a player willing to give up a pretty big ship to the security guns.

    EVE has a bit of everything for everyone. You just need to know (and you have experience) what to do and when to do it.

    It seems you were drawn back to EVE for the wrong reasons or didn’t have a reason for returning. It happens to a lot of EVE players after some big story breaks in EVE. You get interested again and then resub only to realize you are back to logging in for skill swaps only :P

  2. Lack of reason would be more accurate. I popped in before the latest story. Folks would start playing as a result of this latest one? Disturbing notion.

  3. Don’t remind me. My wife got in the LOTRO beta, but of course *just then* we lose our internet for two months. And when it comes back, of course we’re on crappy dial-up (later crappy dsl) and we can’t pull 3-4 gigs over that.


  4. Zurbon….what do you mean by “Empire space palled within a week”, What’s palled? Im so lost. . .

  5. To “pall” means to lose its luster. The bloom is off the rose. Frequently, something starts out great, but then it palls, either because it gets worse or you just get tired of it.

    Today’s vocabulary words are sponsored by the letter Q and the number 7!

  6. No wonder… Empire space is for new players, and old cantankerous farts like me…

    To enjoy EvE, logging in and sitting in a station or flying gate-to-gate is not the answer… you need to stop and think abit in this game. You need to think; “Hmm what do I want to do”.

    Do you want to amass wealth, lead a mega-corporation, pirate and live off the misfortunes of others, or mine and build fleets of ships? Maybe you want to become a gun-for-hire? It’s all out there… you just need to decide what path you want to follow.

    And truth be told….Empire space holds little for the majority of those goals.

    CCP has always had it in their collective head that the best way to drive the best out of folks, was to force them into adversity. It’s a theory that actually holds real-world merrit btw.

    The best ore/targets/stuff is in the more riskier areas.

    The thing that separates the 1-monthers (those that buy it and play a month, and those that come back a month) from the full-timers is the risk/reawrd ratio acceptance.

    If I were a new player, in my shiney new “l33t” frigate (that’s a tongue-in-cheek joke there) and went into say a 0.3 system… something is likely to happen…

    Either I am going to (most likely) get ganked… to which hopefully most will laugh it off, enjoy the insurance, buy a new ship, and keep on… or I am going to find somebody I can take out. Or, I might spot a system with few if any in local, and think that hey this may be a good mining spot, thus helping me get rich…

    EvE is a collective game, in essence. Sure, you have those that can solo and do well, but on the whole it takes a team/corp/alliance to really do well. And, being an MMO… that seems to fit well

  7. (continued)

    Do you want to solo? Well, EvE is built that yes, one can do that very thing. To solo effectively requires a bit of time invested… Hell, I’ve played for nearly 2 yrs, and I’m just now getting to where I can do the soup-to-nuts I would need to be exclusively solo.

    But, that said you can progress so much better when you group up (as in most MMOs)… you got a certain skillset, others have others.. thereis a synergy in a group in this game.

    Maybe the problem is not that you are not having fun… maybe the problem is that you are not trying to find ways to have fun.

    Any mook can jump in a ship and shoot belt rats. Try it another month, but this time ’round, try it with a corp of some fashion… a group of like-minded folk mind you, not just some random corp promising crap they cant deliver.

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