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EVE[EVE Online] The latest dev blog over at EVE Online brings some hope for a cleaner, brighter future.

In what a feel is a good move, the new director of internal affairs makes an introduction and follows with some plans for the future. The part that Arkanon said here is what I was hoping to read:

I believed, and still believe that we owe our player community the right to be the focus of EVE, without paid employees using dirty tricks to swing our universe in their favor. Even playing by the rules, I frown on employees being power players to the extent that their gameplay results in any sort of domination over others. I don’t believe CCP employees should run the EVE universe; that spot is reserved for the paying customer. EVE is a sandbox, but it’s not our sandbox. We’re here to keep it clean and provide the sand.

I hope so Arkanon, I hope so.

– Ethic

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One thought on “Director of Internal Affairs”

  1. It’s not gonna go away until the people who are still interested in this find out from CCP what’s been done about the rest of the offenses that came to light, not just t20’s.

    Like you said, Arkanon’s comments are promising, but then again he says he will not discuss information about individual issues or individual bannings. Now, that’s standard procedure when you have to take care of mass bannings (a la Blizzard) for exploits, gold selling, etc. But all the information that came out and triggered all this was very precise and named names from the beginning.

    If in a month or so, if all those named in the allegations are still around as if nothing happened, and t20 is still around as if nothing happened, and the same reports of the same exploits and same illegal conducts still happen… then what changed?

    Wait and see, I guess. But the allegations were so precise this time around that to preserve the anonimity og those implicated will net CCP very little cred with the playerbase. The allegations named names. CCP can’t pretend that didn’t happen.

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