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coh[City of Heroes] Over at the City of Heroes boards, there is a great thread about the story of the game. It includes critiques of the story line and its development (or lack thereof), analysis of game zones, tracing story lines over many levels and across villain groups, a chronology of City of Heroes/Villains history, discussions of different theories of villainy, comparisons of real world dictatorships, alternate visions of possible Cities of Villains, suggestions for how the storyline could develop, and thoughts about the game development process. Many of the commenters show significant sophistication about game and story development along with awareness of its limitations. It includes recognition of what the game’s story does well and where it could stand to be improved.

There are also some of the other things you expect from message board threads, but the quality is remarkably high. There are ideas here that could be used. Normally, a thread with >200 replies reads like a train wreck, but has some very good stuff. If you have a fair amount of time on your hands, give it a read through. There are several discussions and lines of thought running through it, and some of the good ones pick up late in the thread.

: Zubon

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  1. Wow, people passionate about a game, discussing it in rational and constructive ways. Who would have guessed? I’m still reading the thread, it’s long.

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