Too Many Characters

I decided to create a character to play along with Kwip in World of Warcraft when this happened:

too many characters

Some sort of bug I guess. Bah.

On another note, my wife is getting her internet education via WoW. Recently she met a 29 year old self-proclaimed “porn star” while playing. He proceeded to get rather nasty via whispers but my wife laughed it all off. After a while, the 29 year old exclaimed he was actually 9 years old and he has reported my wife to Blizzard and that she should enjoy her ban. She became quite worried that she was going to end up in WoW jail. I looked over the conversation and told her that *if* he even reported her, he would be the one that ended up with a warning – she didn’t say anything bad at all.

Another time, she met someone that claimed they just returned from Las Vegas and met a lot of MILFs out there. I am always the go to guy to explain the internet’s strange terms. I also have explained LOL, ROFL, WTF, LMAO, and many others.

I’d say so far she is running 50/50 on meeting nice people instead of creepy people. As someone who does not normally seek out meeting new people in WoW, I am surprised at the things people will say to complete strangers. Many demand my wife prove she is not a guy. Many more claim to be 12 years old or younger. That actually scares me.

– Ethic

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9 thoughts on “Too Many Characters”

  1. There is a maximum number of characters you can have on an account, across all servers. IIRC, it’s 50. If you don’t have a lot of characters on 5+ servers, than I guess that was a bug you encountered.

  2. I don’t have many at all, but even after deleting some alts I still could not create a new character. After checking the support forums, it appeared I was not alone with that problem.

  3. I’m not sure if this is related to your problem, but there are some servers that are currently under restriction so that if you did not already have an existing character on them, you cannot create a new one there. If they don’t have a nice customized error message for that, then it may kick out the message you saw.

  4. I hope they didn’t decide to do an EQ2 where they’re going to limit the number of characters per account to something ridiculously small (like 6) across all servers. The community would shit a collective brick if that happened, especially 2 years after release with the lack of space and the need for alts.

  5. I’m still surly that they didn’t give us new slots at the server level with the release of BC. Some of us (*coughaltoholics*) didn’t have any slots left.

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