Back to ToonTown. Not.

ToonTown[ToonTown] It was my son’s birthday recently and he asked if I could set up ToonTown for him to play another month. I figured I would, even though I had a bad taste in my mouth from the extra steps I had to do in order to cancel it last time.

I logged in and set up a subscription for the account. I hit submit and it sits there for about 5 minutes. Finally I get a message telling me to call a toll-free number for assistance. OK, nevermind – I’ll just make a free 3-day account for him and try the subscription after that expires. Three days later, same problem. They accept PayPal, so I try to pay with that hoping for a better result but I have no such luck. So, I make the call.

The CS person was very nice, even after I told her how disappointed I was about how I had to call in to cancel last time. She went through a few steps, even offered to check and see if my son’s characters still existed on his old account (they didn’t). We decided to activate the new account and use PayPal to pay for it. They even offer a $79 fee for a whole year, not too bad. She takes my info and then asks me for, get this, my PayPal password. WTF. I told her that I cannot give that out and she said it was the only way she could set up my account.

I said no thank you and goodbye. Really Disney, it should not be this hard.

– Ethic

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9 thoughts on “Back to ToonTown. Not.”

  1. Have you alerted PayPal to this? It could be that they can put Disney straight (assuming an innocent mistake), or that the person on the other end of the line was not really a Disney employee but a scammer…
    There is never a legitimate reason for anyone to ask for your PayPal password.

  2. That’s funny, toontown!

    I checked my statement and they are still billing me. I called once to cancel, but didn’t do it when they said my characters would be permanently nuked.

    Just too hard to give up a maxed beta character I guess. Oh well, at least I get the beta price of $6 a month.

  3. It was Disney for sure, the number came right from the game. Good idea to notify PayPal, I will do that.

  4. It’s a pity that reporting Disney for attempted account fraud won’t get their account suspended – that’s reserved for the little retailers :(

  5. Wow. How do they even successfully run their game when you can’t pay via normal means, have to call them to set up your account, and need to provide them with your paypal PASSWORD?

    GG Disney. :P

  6. CS asking for a PayPal PW? I smell..yes, hard to miss that smell…. a rat!

    Sounds like mr/ms helpful CS was looking to rip your ass off… There is absolutely no reason they would’ve needed your PP PW… that’s an obvious scammer at work… not even sly about it.

    Should’ve asked for their manager right then and there… no telling how many others have fallen for that

  7. hey drinkitt ill take those accounts lol. back to bizz that was very wrong if you had that ladys name i would call disney and get her fired! XD. but thats my way. now you should call pay pal inform them then call disney and ask to talk to a supervisor and a supirior person and try it. or just by the cd!

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