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lotro [The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™] Since we have been talking about The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™ lately, there have been questions about keeping beta characters when the game goes live and how that works. Answers from players have been contradictory, but Turbine has ruled, so I am posting their statement here for reference.

The short version: keep all characters, 5 characters per server, open beta level cap of 15. Nothing except xp is capped.

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Information about the Open Beta character carryover! (Updated March 1)


Hi everyone,

There have been lots of questions about Open Beta and how characters will transfer from Open Beta to Live, so we wanted to try to answer them in one place.

Q: When does Open Beta start?
A: Open Beta begins on March 30 for Pre-order customers and April 6th for the general public.

Q: How many characters can I carry from Open Beta?
A: Players may have up to 5 characters per server, and all characters from all servers will be carried over.

Q: What’s the level cap?
A: The level cap is set to 15. Once you hit level 15, your character will no longer receive experience until the game goes live on April 24th.

Q: Does everyone get to carry their characters into Live?
A: Only Founders can carry their characters over.

Q: When should I register my Pre-order key?
A: We suggest you register your Pre-order key before Open Beta (so you get the extra week between March 30 and April 6), and definitely by the time the game goes live. Regardless of when you enter your Pre-order key, you MUST activate it before entering the Retail key that is included with your game, or you will not have access to your Open Beta characters.

Q: Will Kinships carry over?
A: Yes, Kinships will be carried over from Open Beta into Live.

Q: Is crafting capped too?
A: There are no restrictions on crafting, but it will be difficult to craft much beyond your level due to resource gathering requirements.

Q: Is Monster Play capped?
A: There’s no cap on your monster player, so have fun earning those Destiny points!

Q: What about Accomplishments and Traits?
A: You can still receive and complete Accomplishments after reaching the level cap, but you won’t receive any experience points that you might otherwise have acquired while completing them.

Hope that answers some of your questions!


: Zubon

8 thoughts on “Beta Characters Go Live”

  1. Umm… wow! I gotta see how this plays out. IMO it makes sense. I also realize that a lot of game devs wanna be “fair”. I just think it makes it more interesting and realistic if everyone didn’t start at the same lvl.

  2. In a PvP (faction based) game like WoW, where there may be open PvP servers, I’d say this was a horrid thing to do, but in a game where PvP is sort of a mini-game and you won’t even be using your main characters in it until level 40 or above, I see no problem with this.

    And hell, the smart folks, the big crowds, will likely be pre-ordering to take advantage of the better pricing and longer free-play periods.

  3. It’s a good idea to catch some folks early and to decompress the newbie areas.

    The only problem I see is 15 being too low a cap. 15, realistically in LOTRO, is a solid afternoon of play. And 15 really not that far from the newbie areas anyway, from what I’ve seen. Yeah, you’re not in Archet anymore, but you’re in the Marshes/Bree which is… pretty much the same thing. A stone’s throw.

    Another potential problem is the griefing that will inevitably occur. If OB starts on April 6th, the game goes live on April 24th, and you can get to 15 in one day… then what else are people gonna do a week in, when they got all their alts to 15? They’ll swarm the newbie areas anyway. Some of them will at least.

    It’ll be different (and better) if Archet wasn’t just a hop from Bree. Dwarves, Elves and Hobbitses will have it a bit easier.

  4. It says “only Founders” can carry their characters over. What is a founder? I assume it means people who have already been involved in the closed beta testing?

  5. Founders are pre-order customers. :) You can’t carry your characters over from Open Beta unless you’ve pre-ordered the game and registered your pre-order key.


  6. *waves* Hi Meg.

    Can I have a CB invite please? So I can stop bothering my wife and we both can play together? Pleeeeease? ;)

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