You Aren’t Hardcore Enough to Grow Flax

[A Tale in the Desert] Interestingly, a discussion about yet another thieving brigand in EVE has garnered more comments than anything else I can recall on Kill Ten Rats. Let me just say that you are all a bunch of wusses for not playing a real PvP game like A Tale in the Desert.

If you see it as a fancy trade skills game with a lot of cooperation, you are missing the point. Egypt exists to cause strife and conduct evil sociological experiments, and if the players are not generating enough drama the developers will cheerfully provide new ways to strike at your neighbor. What Pharaoh considers the most perfect part of the game is a test that encourages bribery, pandering, manipulation, backstabbing, and wasteful ostentation, and it requires that many lose for anyone to win.

You see a lack of violence and think there is no PvP. I see a game with every other way to hurt someone and make his life miserable, but you can never kill your tormentor. Oh wait, you can take your case to the ballot box or the right test-winner and have your enemy exiled or executed. You blew up someone’s spaceship and little egg? Big deal. Egypt has permadeath. There is no respawning.

When your players have a chance to destroy all life and end the game, come back and tell me how hardcore you are.

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “You Aren’t Hardcore Enough to Grow Flax”

  1. Yikes! Think I need some more info on this since I started playing ATitD. Details plz Sir. Thx.

  2. Do exile laws come up much these days? Kicking someone off the island is one of the legislative options. Pass the law and they’re gone.

    Each Demi-Pharaoh also gets seven bans. The last time I checked, this had only been used twice in all of ATitD, and one of those times the person asked to be DP-banned just to see what would happen.

    Things may be different in the Third Telling, but this has been how it worked.

  3. Growing leeks >>>> growing flax, any day…

    But WoW has kept me away from Egypt.

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