Thoughts From a LAN Party

Roughly sequential musings from a gathering of friends this weekend:

  • It is nice to see people in meatspace. I have never met anyone from my City of Heroes SG, but I still talk to people from Morningthaw (Asheron’s Call).
  • My stuff packs nicely if I don’t need to carry everything. Monitor, case, and everything else in a bag. Other people travel light by attaching a handle to the case, having a tiny case specifically for LAN parties, or having a high-end laptop.
  • Dell XPS laptops: sexy. A contractor loaned one to a co-worker of mine to show off a web site. A web site. This thing is a high-end gaming machine being used to show off a web site. My computer: utilitarian. Not sexy.
  • Old school games are fun if you remember enough to win. I play WarCraft 2 to crush! My poor friend sitting next to me had problems keeping a lumber mill up and was eaten by dragons.
  • When you do not know what is going on, it is less fun. The WarCraft 3 variants were not working for me, and I missed the tower defense game. It inspired me, however, to play a bit of WarCraft 3 back home, which is super fun. I can get to the last wave on the tower defense bonus map (not the secret level, which is easy). Maybe tomorrow I’ll get past it.
  • The WarCraft 3 cinematics still look good, although some were less epic than I remembered.
  • They haven’t done anything with Arthas in WoW, have they?
  • No one was interested in The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™. At all.
  • The Blood Elves’ area for Burning Crusade looks really great. WoW in general looks really great. The various attempts at realistic graphics simply do not look as good.
  • They are still playing WoW, having started at release. I stayed in City of Heroes and planned to catch up with folks on the next game. They are not to a next game. That may be another year.
  • There are some really good anime music videos, which look much better if you have the full sized versions.
  • Taco Bell will buy you friends.
  • Being at home or very far away from home are good extremes. Being near family means that you will spend time driving, fulfilling family obligations, etc. This will cut into your time with friends while not giving a lot of time to your relatives. Try to schedule them on separate days.
  • Wii! They’re bowling!
  • Apples to Apples is super fun. We quickly descended into “least appropriate, most absurd, or most darkly funny answer.” Hellen Keller is unbeatable.
  • If you have delicate hearing, do not set up your system next to the large screen TV being used as a monitor, especially when it gets converted to use for a console shooting game. For hours. With another console/TV on the other side.
  • I now have a lamp for my friend. There is no light in that front room except for the happy glow of monitors.
  • We are never going to finish that Civilization IV game.

: Zubon

8 thoughts on “Thoughts From a LAN Party”

  1. Ah, so ‘Helen Keller’ is a trump for you folks then. Among my group of friends, ‘Canadians’ is pretty much a guaranteed winner.

  2. This is totally going to devolve into an A2A “best card” thread :).

    For us, somebody played Anne Frank for “Quiet.” About as tasteless as possible, but it won.

  3. Okay, I got past that last tower defense level. I had been falling behind on building that previous time. You get a lot of towers up by the end of that.

  4. Cybercat, you have sucked the productivity from me and my friends. Now that I can at least get through Normal, however, I can be complacent.

  5. “Hellen Keller is unbeatable” is not bad, but I really think matching Hellen Keller with Touchy Feely is better. =D

  6. Thanks guys! I bought the game for my St. Patrick’s day party last night…most of the crowd hailed from Themis, Warcry, The Escapist, and Red Storm/Ubisoft.

    “Flying Monkeys” was the big trump card of the evening. Khet, the laser strategy game was pretty popular, as was “Beer Pong”.

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