Reactivation Weekend

I have been thinking about reactivating a few games in order to do a mini-review on any changes that may have occurred. The two games are Auto Assault and Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach. Oddly enough, both games have offered free reactivation for this weekend (actually Auto Assault is giving 10 days).

Auto AssaultTo celebrate the release of Update 4 we’re inviting everyone—and we do mean everyone—to try out Auto Assault for a second time to check out all the new features. From March 16 to March 26, all previously inactive accounts will be reactivated. All you have to do is download the latest version of the client, log in, and play. It’s so simple a Pike could do it.

Dungeons & Dragons Online: StormreachDungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach™ would like to welcome back our former players for a very special weekend. If you’re a former DDO player, you can play all weekend for free. All you have to do is log in and your characters will be waiting for you. We can’t wait for you to see all of the amazing things that have happened since you left!

From Friday, March 16th through Sunday, March 18th we will be celebrating by offering an additional +50% XP and +1 to loot for ALL players. There will also be special live events throughout the weekend so keep your eyes open.

I really wasn’t planning on doing this so soon but hopefully I can at least check one of them out. I’m leaning towards DDO since it is still installed. I might just pick up a copy of Auto Assault later for $10 and play a month. Hopefully my wife can also give some impressions.

– Ethic

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10 thoughts on “Reactivation Weekend”

  1. I loved the concept of Auto Assault. The execution and lack of features is what killed it.

    I’ll probably take advantage of that 10 days to see how my 58 engineer is doing, or play around as a Biomek or Mutant for a bit. Gotta find something to kill time until March 30th.

  2. Has DDO revamped the enhancement system yet? I know they were planning on doing it this month at some point.

  3. I thought about trying something new…then I realized I was late for a ZG raid. That was months ago. I have a hard enough time with my alts in one game…adding another MMO to the mix just seems a quick way to alimony payments >_

  4. It must be the season for reactivation offers. In the past 2 weeks I have gotten reinvites from Anarchy Online, EvE, and CoH, and now DDO.

  5. I’ll be lucky if I can get much time in either of these, so I don’t have plans to attack anything else over the next week. Down the road I hope to keep checking in with others. A few I’d like to revisit are The Matrix Online and Neocron.

  6. It’s odd for me to have received a re-invitation to Auto Assault, since I never had an account. Beta must count, but I never even logged in during beta because of a bug the time I tried.

  7. Yes, they invited beta members back too. I never had an Auto Assault retail account either, just beta. I installed it and have been playing today. Will comment later.

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